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Design project of a bathroom. There are special requirements in his department. Despite this, all materials and design options allow you to create designer models and place in the bathroom not only plumbing equipment, but also decorative items.

Bathroom interior ideas

Of course, the first thing you need to select the main background of the room. Rooms visually reduced in size. The ideal tones for decorating miniature bathrooms are white, beige and some other warm colors. If you want to experiment with colors. For example, purple, white, lime, beige, azure-sand. As for the finishing materials, the tile is optimal. It is unpretentious in care and has an aesthetic appearance. Today we can create great designs that turn a bathroom design into a work of art.

powder room makeover with blue

Bath or shower?

The main element of the bathroom is a shower or bath. Even in this small bathroom you can place a bath, only then it will occupy most of the room. Therefore, it is better to choose a shower. It will not clutter up the bathroom and save space to accommodate the washing machine. In these rooms can be installed bathrooms, which can be placed in a cottage or a country house. The bathroom of impressive size is ideal, so that it is not only beautiful, but also fully decorated in a modern style.

We are talking about decorations, which can not be talked about such useful accessories as a heated towel rail and a mirror. Today, electric, water and combined towel warmers are on the market. If you have electric towels, you can choose any, no matter how and in what form. Designer models of the dryer, made in the form of stairs, rings, spiral, etc. Such a thing will become a real “highlight” of the bathroom interior. Another useful accessory is the mirror. Without it, it is difficult to imagine a bathroom. Sometimes it is built into the door of the wall cabinet. By the way, today interesting models of hinged cabinets are being produced, which are received by mirrored slider doors. No need for an extra mirror.

white bathroom design

The most interesting design ideas are reflected in the photo of the interiors. There you can find original ideas for arranging bathrooms for every taste and budget.