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Blue is naturally a calming, reassuring, and confident color. Whenever you might not be feeling calm, reassured, or confident, perhaps you could take a cue from this hue in your surroundings. Whether on a large scale or small, shades of blue color in your interior décor might be just what you didn’t realize you need.

Few colors compare with the infectious vibrancy of a bright, glossy cobalt blue. This color is the epitome of energy and motivation…with a healthy dose of confidence. The blue is particularly striking when contrasted with white.

For a more sedated and serene blue, consider blues with a touch of green such as this lovey teal chair and ottoman combination. Tucked quietly away in the corner, a nook like this brings a sense of peace even just looking at it. Imagine what an hour sitting here with a great book would do.

One way to mimic the look of blue ocean or lake water is through glass, and what better way to use glass than on a light fixture? Varied blue tints on this particular piece lend depth and escape to the gorgeous wall sconce and, I can well imagine, the room at large.

Give your space an instant pick-me-up with a couple of happy shades of blue color on a graphic area rug. The beauty of a rug like this is its visual clarity – subtle geometry, but mostly a solid dose of color blocking to make your room feel unique and energized. This would also be a great way to infuse a patio with summertime energy.

For a person seeking an absolute retreat, pale warm blues provide the perfect escape. Paint the walls in this light shade that, in some circumstances, could appear almost white but without the starkness. This shade of blue color lays an excellent foundation for a variety of décor, from glossy metallics to natural greenery or anything in between.

Look to the sea, the metronomic ins and outs of the waves over the sandy beaches, for the ultimate in relaxation. Incorporate gradient sea colors into your space via furnishings and accents. Throw pillows, wall art, rugs, chairs, and even the sofa make excellent places to exhibit a vacation-like blue splash.

Is it grey? Is it blue? Yes and yes. Slate blue utilizes plenty of grey undertones to give it that delicious moodiness of an overcast day. Just spying a bathroom vanity in this shade, brightened with a few golden accents, is practically enough to make you up with a blanket and a cup of your favorite herbal tea for the afternoon.

For a confident person’s piece that breaks the mold, varied shades of true blue might be just the ticket. There’s no apology here, not in the arc of the desk itself or in the vibrant blues used. It’s a creativity-infusing work space or a confidence-boosting dressing space. Either way, life is better with blue like this.

Sometimes, the perfect single shade of blue might be hard to pin down. This is probably because there are so many perfect blues to choose from. If you really can’t choose, maybe start a collection of items that showcase blue perfection. The items could be similar, like these lamps here, or dissimilar, with their only commonality being the blue color.

Deep aqua is one of the most popular shades of blue color, perhaps because it pairs richness and luxury with energy and freshness. It’s also an excellent team player in a variety of color schemes or gorgeous on its own. This is one blue that really seems to do it all.

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