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Bedroom wardrobe closet are available in a wide variety of materials and styles that can fit all types of decor. Consider barn-style doors, Asian screens, fabric screens, solid wood, wood particulate and mirrored or opaque surfaces.

There are a few cons to consider before purchasing. Sliding doors can be an organization challenge because they only display half of the bedroom wardrobe closet space at a time. Tracks can bend during use and wrestling doors out of their tracks can cause additional damage. However, replacing track can be very easy and affordable.

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Sliding doors on soffits can be installed in any size opening, allowing full access to the space and providing a stylish division between rooms or to hide utility areas. The hardware and doors can be installed easily and with a moderate skill level.

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Closet Doors: Design Ideas and Options

Does your room need a quick design refresher? Try updating the bedroom wardrobe closet doors. The wide variety of options gives many decorating possibilities. Pocket doors, sliding doors, bifold doors, mirrored doors, louvered doors, screens and curtains are available in a wide array of materials and price ranges.

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12 Steps To Your Dream Closet

You can highlight or hide the contents of the closet. Or let the doors become an extension of the design itself, like the one in the photo above.

Whether you plan to repair, replace or are starting from scratch, the options can be tailored to maximize your design, comfort and style.

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Closet doors can also provide valuable space for storage and organization. Hang a metal shoe rack over the door, or choose one with plastic sleeves, and tuck scarves inside for easy access.

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Installing most types of bedroom wardrobe closet doors is easy. It requires only basic tools and is an affordable, fast way to update a room.

6 Walk-In Closets That Are the Definition of Organization Goals

My love for walk-in closets knows no bounds — every time I catch a glimpse of beautifully organized racks of clothing and impeccably arranged shelves of shoes my heart skips a beat. Unfortunately, living in New York City means my entire apartment is barely bigger than the walk-in closets I love so much.

But hey, a girl can dream can’t she? And combing through images of these hyper-organized. Sizeable spaces never fails to inspire me, or put me in the mood to do a little tidying up. These 6 walk-ins are some of the best of the best, but be warned. They may incite Carrie Bradshaw-levels of closet envy.

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