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Bee Hospital Investigates the Decline of the Bee Population

Research has shown that the bee population has been on the decline which has the potential to cause major issues with global agriculture. Shau Heng Li, of Shau Design, set out to investigate the issue, specifically Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) where most of the worker bees leave the hive for good, through a concept that takes place in 2030. The Bee Hospital is a series of objects designed to help bees survive the deteriorating planet by implementing them into urban environments.

The collection includes a mite guard dispenser, a bee-detecting device, and a supplement center that offer probiotics, nutrients, and chemicals that help with bee survival in areas where traditionally bees are not kept.

The supplement center provides essential nutrients and probiotics that allow the bees to digest harmful pesticides that seep into the soil during farming. The mite guard dispenser entices bees through the use of syrup and when the bees enter, they’re brushed with a chemical that kills mites. The year 2030 is expected to be rough as far as the environment goes, therefore, scientists will need to observe bees via a bee-detecting device.

Whether or not the Bee Hospital comes to fruition, it’s definitely a thought-provoking concept that should get us all imaging what we can do now to help the bee population before it’s too late.

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