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A bit outside-the-box with lots of edgy accents, 1980’s was all about fun and freedom. Although some of us look back on those photos and cringe, it’s equally a guilty pleasure from the shoes we wore to the high hair we fixed. But what about the interior design? Take that free spirit and rock-and-roll attitude and use it to spice up your home. Look at some of these sometimes subtle and simple and other times bold and proud ways of best bedroom decorating ideas with 80’s style!

1. An Ultra Feminine Bathroom.

Who dawned some neon pink lipstick back in the day? The sheer use of this vibrant, bubblegum shade brings back memories of some of those rad, 80’s waves.

2. A Chintz-y Living Room.

In the 80’s, homes were all about how to incorporate chintz fabrics. This glazed, cotton furniture came in lots of different colors and patterns. And our favorite, definitely florals, which made everything a bit more feminine and homey.

3. A Preppy Bay Window.

Just like in 1980’s fashion, preppy best bedroom decorating ideas  were one of the decade’s calling cards. Thin stripes, delicate polka dots and complimentary color pairing always worked.

[unitegallery bedroom_with_80s]

4. An Open Kitchen.

In typical 80’s fashion, this kitchen screams this vintage in one big way. It’s openness is a quintessential mark on the time’s trendy layouts.

5. A Geometric Space.

Geometric patterns and pop art were some of the most bold and trendy ways to accent your home. Take a look at the accessories making this space a little retro and funky in style.

6. A Cottage-Inspired Nook.

Are you surprised? Yes, the cottage-inspired best bedroom decorating ideas were also born in the 80’s. Which isn’t too surprising since everyone was dressing their homes in country roots.

7. A Southwestern Living Room.

Until I did the research, I had no idea that Southwestern styles were so popular in the 80’s. Seems to me, this decade was all about eclecticism and being comfortable with your own creativity.

8. A Colorful Home Office.

And yes, there was lots of color in the 80’s. All around us and even inside the house. The touch of rainbow on the walls of this home office make it easily reminiscent of the time.

9. A Country-Rustic Family Room.

Who knew that rustic best bedroom decorating ideas ruled the 80’s? Believe or not, these shabby chic, down-home designs, furniture and accent pieces were one of the trends of the time.

10. A Pastel Kitchen.

With all the loud music and rebel attitudes, it’s a surprising fact that pastels were a huge part of 80’s interior design. Take this kitchen for example, the soft aqua cabinets fit perfectly into the vintage style.

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