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Open your world with the best door locks for security – Kevo Touch-to-Open Smart Lock powered by your smartphone and Bluetooth. Fumbling with your keys is now a thing of the past. Kevo 2nd Gen provides the same trusted touch-to-open smart lock experience available in Kevo 1st Gen teamed with a refined user experience, sleeker design and added security features.

Kevo 2nd Gen features the latest version of the Kwikset patented SmartKey best door locks for security.

This single cylinder Bluetooth-enabled deadbolt can be locked or unlocked by touching the exterior side of the deadbolt, or with a key from the outside, as well as the turn piece from the inside. Kevo (2nd Gen) also comes with In Home Locking and Unlocking from your smart device within Bluetooth range of the lock.

Kevo 2nd Gen works with Alexa voice commands (requires Kevo Plus hub, sold separately). You can lock/unlock (PIN required) and check lock status. The Venetian Bronze finish is hand-rubbed to reveal unique bronze highlights and provides a rich and warm complement to the product’s style.

  • 2nd generation smart lock
  • Touch-to-open convenience
  • Smaller and sleeker metal interior
  • Improved installation experience
  • Send and manage eKeys via your smartphone for anytime access, scheduled access and 24 hour guest access
  • Receive notifications and view usage history
  • Smart Home compatibility with amazon alexa, ring doorbell, skybell, nest learning thermostat, select honeywell thermostats, android wear and IFTTT
  • Military grade PKI encryption
  • Patent pending positioning technology security feature automatically detects if you are inside your home to prevent unauthorized access
  • Traditional backup key and SmartKey re-keying feature
  • Also works with Kevo fob (sold separately) and Kevo Plus accessory (sold separately)
  • New advanced SmartKey security
  • Compatible with Smartphone Apple 4S or higher and select android 5.0 or higher devices
  • Includes 4 AA batteries
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Recommendations for installation and operation

Kevo (2nd Gen) also comes with InHome Locking and Unlocking from your smart device within Bluetooth range of the lock. The crisp, clean appearance of the Satin Nickel finish adds to the overall look of the product and brings a modern feel.

I was so looking forward to upgrading my front door to a smart lock. Overall I’m pretty satisfied with the unit, and the 2nd generation has some improvements over the first which I am happy about.

 First – You cannot use the lock from your phone if you’re not home unless you buy an additional gateway item to put on your home network. This is not clearly defined and very disappointing.

Instructions – There is inadequate instruction in the box. I am experienced at installing locks, and even re-keying locks but several items worried me enough to have to call support. In the box is reference to online documentation but even after reviewing that information I still had to call. If they had a card or small printed manual explaining what the buttons are, what they do and the dip switch settings I would have had little issue installing myself.

Support – Limited support hours. It took me 3 days to find the time during their open hours to call them. Once I did, all my issues were resolved quickly and the lock was functional.

Installation – Very straightforward. Just like a regular deadbolt except you have to route the wires with the limited instructions given. No problem here.

Configuration – This was where the trouble began. The lock has to initialize and will click a lot which worried me, extend and retract… But it wouldn’t retract all of the way. Support told me this is normal and it will work properly after we were finished. It does work properly but there in no reason to not tell you that in the instructions as you could easily think something is wrong.

Phone Connection – This was another issue. The only button identified in the instructions is the one to initialize the lock. After support told me that button A is reset and I don’t know what B does. After resetting the unit a time or two, it paired with my phone okay.

Phone App – It was hard to find the phone app in the Google Play store. You’re supposed to be able to buy extra e-keys there but there is no option to do that in the Android app. As of this writing I still don’t have any Apple phones functional. They really need to get this part of the system fixed up.

Operation – Well, there was a bug with Apple that wouldn’t allow my wife’s phone to work. It has since been fixed. My mother in law and daughter’s phone are Android and they were too old to install the app. So right now, my phone is the only one working and it works fine.

Summary – With the lack of good documentation, difficulty of the configuration, the apps not working right, the limited support hours and the compatibility of phones this is a hard item to recommend. If you are willing to wait for them to fix these items, it will be a very good system. However, it does work flawlessly on my phone and therefore I do recommend it with caution.

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