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We at Decoist love the challenge of decorating a small space. After all, compact homes are more popular than ever. From high-rise apartments with limited square footage to houses that make the most of their space, many modern dwellings require a touch of strategic design when it comes to creating a roomy feel. As a companion piece to our post on space-saving design ideas, we present decorating tips that will empower you to design a spacious living area regardless of your square footage.

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Below you will find a review of tried and true design tips, as well as a couple of new pointers that will make you rethink the way you fill your space. Does this mean throwing out the pieces you have? Absolutely not. But when you adopt a space-saving mindset, you will make wise design decisions in areas such as best living room decorating ideas layout, paint color, and decorative details. Not to mention, when it’s time to purchase new pieces, you will be more likely to choose furnishings that uphold your new-found commitment to making the most of the space you have.

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Strategically Select Furniture

The smartest thing you can do for your small space: choose compatible furniture. Nothing adds visual clutter like over-sized pieces in a compact area. Try modular furniture instead! Pair two small ottomans to form one long coffee table. When it’s time to open up the room, move them to the side, or use them for extra seating.

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Carefully Plan the Layout

Selecting the right furniture and paint will only get you so far. Effectively arranging the space is equally important. An open feel is crucial. Survey the lines of the room. If there are visual or physical blocks that make the space difficult the navigate, address them. While it may not be possible to have large areas that are free of furniture, choosing narrow pieces can be a great option, especially if the furnishings are space-enhancing, such as the acrylic coffee tables below.

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In the next space–a studio apartment–a narrow coffee table is placed close to the couch so there is plenty of open space between the table and the desk.
Note the open feel of the best living room decorating ideas. By angling the chaise lounge and locating the coffee table near the couch, there is still room for traversing the space. Not to mention, opening the back door extends the best living room decorating ideas to the backyard, where an inviting pool awaits!

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Make Every Detail Count

Many people with small spaces lament that they can’t fit more decor into the mix. But if you carefully choose each piece, you may be surprised at the amount of detail you’re able to include! A tufted sofa, striped draperies, a chandelier and geometric shelving make a big statement in the space below.

The room below is traditional, but a clever combination of colorful accents and artistic flourishes make the space truly interesting. A pink striped rug, large botanical artwork and elephant side tables are three of the eye-catching selections that call attention to the decor itself, rather than the limited space.

It’s amazing how much seating can fit into a tight space! However, interesting accents such as patterned pillows, a bold throw and captivating artwork steal the show, jazzing up the crisp white sofas and bench. Again, the eye is drawn to the details rather than the close quarters.


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