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Every week, our minimalism expert, Leo Lei, shares new designs that are perfectly scaled back and void of any adornment. From architecture, interiors, home furnishings, and more, take a look back at the most popular Skim Milk posts of 2018.

10. New Works by Copenhagen-Based Furniture Brand COMMON
COMMON is a new furniture brand based in Copenhagen, Denmark focused on providing high quality furniture at an approachable price using ethical production standards.

9. Beam House by Hugo Kohno Architect Associates
Beam House is a residence located in Tokyo, Japan, designed by Hugo Kohno Architect Associates that’s situated on a narrow lot and houses a gallery on the main floor, and occupies residents on the second and third floors.

8. House in Santarém by Vasco Cabral + Sofia Saraiva
House in Santarém is a minimal weekend retreat located in Santarém, Portugal, designed by Vasco Cabral + Sofia Saraiva, that consists of three functional areas that are clearly delineated.

7. Unfolding Canvas Minimalist Apartment by OFGA
Unfolding Canvas is a minimalist apartment located in PokFuLam, Hong Kong designed by OFGA that redefines the typical norms used when designing a small-space apartment in Hong Kong.

6. Williamsburg Combination by General Assembly
Williamsburg Combination is a renovation project located in Brooklyn, New York, designed by General Assembly who combine two apartments into one.

5. UP Minimalist Kitchen by Lendager Group
UP is a new minimalist Reform kitchen designed by Lendager Group using surplus wood sourced from world-renowned flooring manufacturer Dinesen.

4. In the Neighbourhood – Blue House by Morgwn Rimel
In the Neighbourhood – Blue House is a minimalist space located in North London, United Kingdom, curated and designed by Morgwn Rimel.

3. Apartamento Av. Paulista in São Paulo by Felipe Hess
Apartamento Av. Paulista is a minimal home located in São Paulo, Brazil, designed by Felipe Hess that perfectly culminates the client’s collection of art and furniture.

2. Y Home Minimalist Apartment by Office ZHU
Y Home is a minimalist apartment interior designed by Rotterdam and Shanghai-based architects Office ZHU that enjoys abundant natural light and open living areas.

And the most popular Skim Milk post of 2018 is…

1. House in Minamiyukigaya by Hugo Kohno Architect Associates
House in Minamiyukigaya is a minimal home located in Tokyo, Japan, designed by Hugo Kohno Architect Associates as two independent residences—one for a mother and the other for her son and his family.

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