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It is not necessary to explain what the best wifi door lock means for each of us. This is the protection against the intruders, reliability of work and, at the same time, the elegance. Any beautiful thing always pleases our eyes. But dwelling protection is still on the first place.

After all, no one wants the door lock to be opened by the any available piece of wire! At present, the best wifi door lock are mainly divided into three types depending on the method of installation. There are mounted, hasp and mortise locks. The security of your property is not the only thing, but also the convenience during using, which depends on the choice of high-quality device.
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Best wifi door lock for you

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The types of the door locks

Choosing the best wifi door lock you should remember that the type of fixing and type of secret have the influence on the price of this device. The mounted lock is considered to be the most simple and undependable type. It is usually installed on the gates, garages, sheds, workshops and other buildings. Fixing occurs by means of eyelets through which the shackle is placed. Hasp locks are fixed on the inside of the door.

They are locked by the key outside and by the key or latch inside. Usually they are used as an additional devise for locking or unlocking the doors. The installation is quite simple. They practically do not spoil appearance and integrity of the door. The most common and protective is the mortise lock. This type of lock is placed directly inside the door. Choose what is better for you!

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