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Blue/Green Gradient Mirrors Made From Inflated Metal by Oskar Zieta

For years now, Oskar Zieta, of Zieta Prozessdesign, has been reimagining the average mirror and going three-dimensional by inflating the material so it reflects its surroundings in its own unique way. His mirrored collections are the result of FiDU technology that converts flat objects into three-dimensional ones, like his latest, the Gradient Collection, which comprises a trio of stainless steel mirrors.

The Gradient Collection is a series of stainless steel mirrors that are polished to mirror finish and covered with a special lacquer that results in the rich colors you see, as well as unbelievable reflections. Available in Sapphire, Emerald, and Gradient (Sapphire and Emerald), the mirrors feature surfaces with curves that form as the material is inflated, leading to creases and bends that differ between every piece. The variations in the surfaces create visually delightful sights that turn these mirrors more into sculptural pieces of wall art.

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