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Canopy beds appeared out of a need for warmth and privacy rather than a need for style and extravagance. Until the 18th century the canopy beds used by noblemed in Europe were fairly simple and understated and lacked the ornate designs that were later adopted as a symbol of status. The modern canopy bed is also simple and lacks not just the ornaments but often the curtains too.

A canopy bed fills the room in a way that other beds can’t. It emphasizes the height of the space and you don’t need a bedroom with a high ceiling for that to look great, as exemplified by architect Denis Krasikov in this case.

Like we mentioned before, a canopy bed frame doesn’t need the curtains to look gorgeous, at least not in our time. Check out this elegant bedroom designed by SAOTA for example. It has a wooden canopy bed which gives the space a warm and welcoming look while maintaining an open decor.

Minimalism is the key characteristic of this bedroom’s decor. This is the work of architects Jeremy Bull and Charlene Cong in collaboration with interior design studio Alexander & Co. The bed frame is metallic, very thin and very simple. Its black coloring creates a graphical outline which matches the curtain rods and a few other elements in the room.

Canopy beds make this rustic Italian retreat exquisitely charming. This is Casa Bramasole, a villa that can be rented and which can accommodate up to eight people. We absolutely love the interior. It’s simple and rustic but it also has a touch of modern, being bohemian and chic. The breezy fabric gives the space a feminine allure, making these look like girls’ canopy beds.

The Mercer Hotel Barcelona designed by architect Rafael Moneo has a little bit of rusticity in it too. This is one of the hotel’s lavish suites. It has a stone accent wall and a gorgeous king canopy bed with a wooden frame and a pretty eye-catching look in spite of its overall simplicity.

Just to prove that simplicity can be exquisite and luxurious too, we’re also showing you this chic and stylish bedroom interior from a residence located in Silicon Valley, California. It was designed by Ken Linsteadt Architects in collaboration with Kendall Wilkinson Design and it has a lot of interesting elements in it, including a canopy bed.

Although the emphasis is on entertaining, this modern farmhouse-style home from Newport Beach doesn’t neglect its cozy, private spaces either. This was a project by Eric Olsen Design and RailiCA Design. They made the master suite pretty spacious. A canopy bed with a simple wood frame is the centerpiece, being complemented by comfortable armchairs, simple nightstands and chic accent details.

Not all canopy beds look alike and what better way to prove that than with a design that’s usual to say the least. This slender and sculptural canopy bed frame is part of the design created by Moor & Associates Architects along with interiors studio Olivia O’Bryan for a home in Florida.

Some would say that there’s no point in even having a canopy bed if no curtains are hanging from its frame. Looking at this gorgeous bedroom designed by Chango & Co. for a home in East Hampton, we tend to agree.

How cute is this little canopy bed? It’s the perfect addition to a girl’s room. Yes it’s small but it’s also very charming and a lot less plain and boring than some laternatives. We like the white curtains tied to the posts. They add a feminine twist to the decor without making the space look claustrophobic. This is an interior by Sarah Barnard Design.

Small canopy beds are cute so what could we say about a massive one….other than it’s impressive and royal. This canopy bed sits on a raised platform which extends quite a bit to the sides. It’s an interesting strategy used by JM Design for this tropical retreat in Hawaii.

Most often than not, if there’s a canopy bed in a room then that’s the main focal point of the space. It’s the case of this glamorous suite by Diedre Shaw Interiors. Check out the canopy bed frame. It’s not as simple as it seems.

Canopy beds have a classical, timeless allure so sometimes it’s nice to exploit these characteristics through a design that reflects these details. Studio Heintzman Sanborn did a wonderful job with this bedroom suite.

Remember that sculptural canopy bed frame that had an unusual form? This bed is pretty similar in that sense. The whole room is whimsical. The queen canopy bed is the centerpiece. Find out more about the space on Houseofturquoise.

This bedroom designed by Melanie Turner Interiors has a canopy bed that lacks the typical poster bed frame. Instead, it has this large piece of fabric that extends up from the back, forming a headboard and then mirroring the bed onto the ceiling. It matches the window curtains which is a nice detail.

It’s no secret that mirrored furniture is exquisite and glamorous but we didn’t really expect to see this strategy being applied to a canopy bed frame. As it turns out, it’s possible and it looks quite stunning, especially when complemented by the right colors.

In case you like the idea of having a canopy above the bed but you’re not particularly fond of the typical canopy bed frame, there are alternatives. One is demonstrated here by interior designer Carde Reimerdes. The canopy is hanging from the ceiling and no posts are required.

There are also designs which retain the typical canopy bed frame with posts and everything but make it look special and interesting. One example can be seen in this stylish bedroom suite designed by  Chad James Group. The canopy bed frame gets thinner and thinner towards the top.

The San Giorgio is on our list of the most amazing hotels on Mykonos Island. Designed by Lambs&Lions, the interior of the hotel is an oasis of peace and relaxation. The breezy canopy frame hanging from the ceiling in this suite is the perfect finishing touch here.

You can also find some spectacular resorts and hotels in the Maldives, like the Kuramathi Island Resort which features these amazing suites with wooden canopy beds, comfy lounge areas and extraordinary views.

Also located in the Maldives, the Cheval Blanc Randheli Hotel is cozy, welcoming and elegant in its own way. Once again, canopy beds with wooden frames add charm to the suites but there are also numerous other attractive details to be enchanted by as well.

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