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Want to spruce up your child’s room for minimal cost? We show you how!

These budget children’s room design ideas are simple tricks and tweaks that don’t cost the earth – but they can have serious style impact. We’ve covered space-saving ideas and ways to make the most of a small bedroom, along with decorating hacks and quick updates that won’t break the bank but that they will love.

If you’re looking to redecorate a child’s bedroom then the costs can soon pile up. Whether it’s a lick of paint, colourful storage solutions or ways to make the room just a little bit brighter, we are bursting with fun and almost-free ideas to spruce up their all-important bedrooms and play rooms.

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From done-in-a-day to longer weekend projects, don’t start work on your child’s bedroom without taking a look at these nifty budget children’s room design ideas…

1. Make it multi-functional

Image credit: Polly Eltes

As your children grow, their room will need to accommodate a desk for study, and plenty of additional storage space for books and equipment. Shop for multi-functional pieces of furniture that incorporate desk space with plenty of hidden, but accessible, storage. Avoid ‘theming’ a room too much, instead opting to bring to life your child’s favourite designs and colours through bedlinen and soft accessories. Remember that simple storage items such as boxes, baskets, hooks, hangers and wall organizers will all help to create an efficient space that still has plenty of personality.

2. Recycle used materials

Budget children's room design ideas

Image credit: Olly Gordon

Don’t let unloved materials go to waste. Upcycling is all about breathing new life into old items – be it furniture, home accessories or, even clothing. And a child’s bedroom is the perfect place to experiment with weird and wacky designs. This children’s bedrooms is incredibly creative, and also features plenty of upcycled pieces.  The walls was made using reclaimed corrugated iron to make an urban-inspired feature wall. It only cost £10!

Get the look
Buy now: Similar PS cabinet in red, £70, Ikea

3. Work your space

Budget children's room design ideas

Image credit: Dave Burton

Haven’t got space for a regular-sized desk? If your room dimensions are too narrow for a desk, try making your own instead. This makeshift desk/dressing table/what ever you want it to be, is made using discarded scaffold planks, which have been cut down to size and fitted by a joiner. Do not attempt this by yourself, unless you know what you are doing.

4. Accessorise well

Budget children's room design ideas

Image credit: Joanna Henderson

If a child’s room is looking a little on the bland side, consider investing, and when we say investing we actually mean heading down to your local charity shop, or bargain supermarket, to pick up a few standout accessories. Stylish accessories don’t have to cost the Earth. The high street have become incredibly good at replicating higher-end brands at affordable prices, see the likes of Aldi or Lidl for example. Alternatively, you might find a hidden gem at a local charity shop. After all, one persons trash, is another persons treasure.

5. Get crafting

Budget children's room design ideas

Image credit: Polly Eltes

Stringing up pretty bunting – a brilliant thing to make on a shoestring budget – makes for a pretty decorative touch. Bunting is the perfect way to add a fun touch to your child’s room. It’s pretty, playful, and can be made with different fabrics and patterns to suit any occasion. And what’s more, you can get your child involved in the crafting process.

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6. Tape it up

Budget children's room ideas

Image credit: Jamie Mason

This is a particularly handy tip if you’re renting or you’re not up for letting your kids cover their walls with bright paint or wacky wallpaper – let your kids loose with washi tape instead. It is also a great alternative to expensive frames! Available in a range of colours, patterns and sizes, washi tape allows you to stick up whatever you fancy on the walls and it peels back off without leaving a trace – plus its far prettier to look at and better for your walls than blu-tack. Papermash is an excellent stockist for the stuff.

Love these budget children’s room? We’d love to know how you decorate at low-cost!

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