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Mayice, a Madrid-based multi-disciplinary studio, has designed a new outdoor furniture collection for GANDIABLASCO called BUIT. The collection uses aluminum to form the modular pieces, including a simple armchair and a pouf made from an aluminum mesh that’s woven with a special padded textile for the outdoors called Febrik Kvadrat. The lightweight aluminum allows for ease of movability and the creation of sofas, outdoors beds, and larger configurations.

This collaboration between Mayice and GANDIABLASCO brings together the sensibilities and interests of both parties to create a sculptural collection with a marked artistic quality. Both brands share an interest in using quality materials and extreme attention to detail, as well as a great respect for tradition, innovative materials, and a natural dialogue between past and present. The end result of them teaming up on BUIT is an innovative and elegant solution to occupying space and enjoying the outdoors 365 days of the year.

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