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BuzziSpace, the playful brand that thoughtfully takes on design challenges like noisy offices, is set to release a clever sofa for lobbies, communal spaces, and offices this spring. Designed by Alain Gilles, BuzziSpark invites users to relax in its cozy form cocooned by high-backed privacy screens that help reduce noise.

You can hide in the nook for privacy and quiet time all the while someone else is doing the same thing on the other end but facing in the opposite direction. If you’re both open to meeting a new friend, you can turn to them for a conversation. It can also be used in open office situations if two people want a private spot to collaborate.

The tall screens also cut down on visual distractions so you can stay better focused on the task at hand.

Coming in a few months, BuzziSpark will be available in multiple configurations, including a single seat version.

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