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Swedish design house Claesson Koivisto Rune have been successfully collaborating with Italian furniture manufacturer Arflex for 10 years now and just recently the partnership produced two new designs – the Tokio sofa and the Infinity coffee table – which explore color and contemplation.

Tokio is a modular seating system that appears to hover above the floor. The oversized seats offer comfort with low backs for optimal lounging. The overstuffed cushions offer a curvy yet sculpted appearance completely void of any hard corners or elements. The configuration can be decided on by the user, as there are plenty of options, from a freestanding island in the center of the room to a regular two- or three-seater sofa.

The Infinity coffee table boasts a base inspired by the mathematical symbol for infinity, hence the table’s name. Like the figure-8, if you follow along the leg loop, there’s no beginning or end and it continues on forever. The look of the looped base also changes depending on the viewing angle making for a visually intriguing table.

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