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It’s easy to find some plain white, black or one-color vases for great prices. And it’s easy to turn those plain clay vase decoration Ideas into something really special and fun for your home.It’s also easy to take an older vase and turn it into something brand new, with a new look and new feeling.Vases aren’t just for displaying your flowers, they’re also great for sprucing up spaces that need some sprucing up.

They’re not just a functional piece but they’re also perfect for accessorizing your home. And with these easy ways to clay vase decoration Ideas, you’ll have a extra special accessory for your house in no time.

*If you want to get really creative, make your own hand-made gift. Design a vase and package it nicely. Your friends and family would love something so original and made especially for them!

1.Utilize fun colored and patterned masking tape

Grab some different types of masking tape at one of your local stores or craft outlets. Get home and go to town! Create a funky design or something simple. And you don’t have to have any “artistic” talent to make this look great!

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2. Make it vintage with some doilies

Doilies are incredibly versatile in terms of decorating and creating. Use a doily to create texture and some old-age ethos to your side table or mantle. All you need is a big enough doily and a glue gun!

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3. Wrap it in unused yarn

For some reason, if you’re a craft-lover, you always have unused yarn lying around or hidden in a drawer. And if you don’t, it’s easy to find some great colors on sale at a craft store.

All you need to do is choose the color you like with a great shaped vase …. and … wrap it up! This too creates texture and a pop of color!

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4. Get craft with clay vase decoration Ideas

There are so many great tutorials that can help you make something really beautiful. Using cla,y you can make your own unique appliques like flowers or petals to a clay vase decoration Ideas. It’ll create an artistic feel and a very feminine touch!

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5. Use some pretty ribbons

Another super easy project to take on; using ribbon to create a design. You may want to overlap different colors or place them strategically in a very specific way … it doesn’t matter!

Ribbons are great for decorating a vase in a craft room, office or even the kitchen. It’s playful and fun. And there are SO many different ribbon options to choose from.

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