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With such a large turnout expected for Milan Design Week, German startup Containerwerk used the opportunity to present their modern concepts for micro living. As available land grows scarce and the cost of housing continues to rise, creating affordable living options is critical and what better way to do that then going smaller and thinking outside the box. Containerwerk answers the growing need by purchasing used sea cargo containers (i.e. shipping containers) and reimagines them into really cool spaces most anyone would love to take up residence in. At Tortona Design Week, Containerwerk is shows off two living concepts exhibiting all kinds of architectural possibilities.

They use a multi-patented insulation method to turn the metal containers into livable units. Containerwerk also utilizes automated and serial manufacturing in order to increase the amount of units they can make at a reasonable cost.

The modules can be used as student housing, hotels, co-working spaces, and apartments.

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