Corner Kitchens

Corner kitchens - a modern and functional solution If you decide to buy a corner kitchen and not make mistakes in its choice, then you just need to deal with all the intricacies of the selection and installation of this type of furniture. This is necessary to obtain the most optimal result in terms of price, beauty and convenience.

Corner kitchens price, quality and main benefits

Today, the market has a huge selection of modifications of furniture for the kitchen. The buyer is attracted by a variety of color schemes, materials or lucrative promotions. We offer our customers to pay attention to the revolutionary, in terms of functionality, solution - corner kitchens.

This category of goods allows you to rationally distribute the space of the working area, regardless of the area of ​​the kitchen. How is convenience and functionality achieved? The reason is simple, manufacturers analyzed the existing layouts. They identified a design that fits into a corner, thereby saving a lot of space and allowing you to place dishes or appliances in a corner niche.

It is inexpensively possible to buy corner kitchens if you select sections from those proposed by the manufacturer, and not make them to order. What used to be done exclusively on an individual project is now standardized and has a mass character. This has reduced costs and made kitchen furniture inexpensive and affordable for many.

Design a corner kitchen or how to save space

Corner kitchens filled every home. Now you will not surprise anyone with such an arrangement of furniture, and this is not strange, because the space savings from this are not small. But any choice of kitchen furniture requires a thoughtful approach to detail. It is necessary to determine in advance the location of the main elements in the kitchen. You need to start by miscalculating the situation of plumbing, large household appliances or one that depends on communications: a dishwasher, stove, refrigerator. Next, determine the position of the dining area furniture. Now, starting from the stove to the sink, measure the working area, above it - racks with dishes. The corners of the kitchen are not worth considering. Move through the free areas of the kitchen, and note the desired arrangement of furniture. Remember to consider the depth.

As a result, imagine yourself in this interior, whether it will be convenient for you to do cooking, whether the kitchen pleases your eye. Pay attention to whether pipes or other communications are hidden and what can be placed in the corners. You don’t have enough space, gas pipes stick out, or pipes from the hood, the corner is not involved and the whole design seems to be holistic? If so, we suggest you stay at the choice of corner kitchen. This is exactly the kitchen you need to buy.

Concerned about the assembly of kitchen furniture?

Of course, fears associated with the complexity of installing purchased modules often become a reason for refusal or postponement of a purchase. At the stage of selection, the buyer is faced with a variety of proposals related to the solution of this issue. On the one hand, in stores, consultants often unofficially recommend “their acquaintances”, who often make mistakes during assembly. On the other hand, you are convinced that “there is nothing to collect”, but in the end, the task is much more difficult. Most often, corner kitchens, the photos of which you see in the catalogs, have a peculiar principle of fastening and many subtleties of installation. We will help you understand this issue.

An economic man can easily cope with the installation and installation, having a screwdriver and a drill. But for this you need to have basic knowledge about the repair. It should be understood that the weight of each part with the dishes is large and you need to safely strengthen all the elements. In the event of a fall, due to mounting errors, kitchen utensils or household injuries can be injured.

We recommend entrusting the assembly of kitchen furniture to specialists using our services. In a few hours, professionals will assemble and install all the composite modules directly at the facility. No more worries, it remains only to decide on the model and make an order through the website interior4you net. Making a choice in favor of the online store you can reduce costs and guaranteed to receive goods from the best manufacturers.