Creating the design of the apartment, they try to achieve an attractive appearance and harmony of the room, not forgetting the functionality in every thing. To solve this problem, choose wardrobes for clothes. Accessories and wardrobe items require proper storage. The selection of the necessary furniture was made correctly if it meets the requirements: classic сupboard fit into the interior in style, look interesting, and use is a pleasure.

Types of сupboard by type of construction

Experts distinguish 5 classifications. We will introduce you to the division by type of structure. Case type is a standard model that is installed separately and is an independent element, and if necessary, it is possible to move it to any place. Corner - original сupboard that are convenient to install in small rooms where there are corners free of furniture. This type is especially popular among buyers. Embedded solutions are a separate case. You can easily use the space that was previously unoccupied: pantries, balconies and office space. Such сupboard are made to order for the best result. Having a calculated layout, you can turn the free space into a new dressing room.

Narrow wardrobe in the hallway or small room

Small-sized furniture is in demand among the owners of small apartments. The most anticipated place of such a wardrobe is the corridor. For this room, compact dimensions play a role. It is not at all worth the task of large capacity if narrow furniture is selected. Dimensions come to the fore. The most common models with a depth of 45 cm. Given this, things are not standard, but on a retractable hanger - a microlift. For the rest, this is the same wardrobe in the classical style, only adapted for narrow walkways, corridors, nurseries or bedrooms. The buyer gets the benefits, as with the purchase of the classic model: the choice of color, a variety of sizes and filling.

Wardrobe convenient or useless in everyday life?

Some designers are skeptical of cupboard, for irrationally used space and a small selection of trim levels. In fact, high-quality classic custom-made cabinets have no walls, and the guides are attached to the ceiling and floor of the room. Therefore, this furniture allows you to use niches and corners. As for serial factory goods, the plus is a change in the location or additional order of additional filling accessories. For certain types of сupboard there are complete sets in which the user can choose the components individually suitable for his interior and the dimensions of the room.

Cabinet with shelves is a popular alternative to microlift

In a cabinet with shelves, a skilled housewife will place a lot more things than when using a microlift. Even without additional components - folded clothes take up little space. There are many articles about the creation of original сupboard from ordinary shelf. To do this, in the nearest hardware store or supermarket, buy linen baskets made of plastic or wooden weaving. Thus, you can organize and share space for different clothes. Combine and experiment with colors, shapes and sizes, the type of loading things, the number of baskets on one shelf, until you achieve the desired effect. These tips are perfect for a narrow cabinet, where in addition to outerwear, I want to mark out other things. For example, you can independently install a pantry or shoe shelf to improve standard models.

Which closet is the best for the hallway?

Cabinet furniture can be used in all rooms of your house. A corridor, where there is a need to store personal items, jackets and shoes, is no exception. From the wide range of offers of cupboard for clothes in the corridor, you can choose a model that is suitable in design and functionality. Most often, they have a classic design, clear shapes, expressive decor and calm shades. They say that the theater begins with a hanger, and the house with a corridor. Good furniture can be prestigious and show the status of the owner to those who come to visit. The practicality of the designed design allows you to maximize the use of the entire internal space, which will allow you to save some things from prying eyes. The main advantage of the modern market is that you can buy сupboard inexpensively, thereby solving your problem. Limited budget will not be an obstacle to the purchase.

сupboard from the manufacturer are best ordered in the online store

When ordering in the online store, the client can agree on the details of the future product: dimensions, color, equipment, additional options. Materials for manufacturing, as a rule, are standard - it is a frame made of light but strong chipboard and hinged doors, the appearance of which in some models can be chosen independently. Variations in wardrobes for clothes a large number. This mainly concerns a wide selection of sizes. Customers want this design to form a solid line from wall to wall. A distinctive feature of the original cabinet is its custom design, like a corner one. If we talk about design, then the manufacturers offer a unique decoration of the doors. So it can be assumed that the existing offer on the market will be able to attract a buyer even with unusual wishes.

Where is better to buy a wardrobe

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