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Building a birdhouse is one of the nicest things you can do for your garden or backyard. You’d actually be doing this for the cute little birds that live in the area. They’d have a place to call home and you’d have a garden bursting with energy and lovely chirping to wake you up in the morning. I have to say I’m really inspired by all the great birdhouse plans we’ve prepared for you today, so much so that I’m even considering hanging a birdhouse outside my apartment window.

Building a birdhouse should be fairly easy and you can have a lot of fun with the project. Think of a theme that would suit your garden or one that would make you happy. For example, we found which beach lover’s birdhouse project on pettitcoatjunktion and we love it. It looks so vibrant, with that bright turquoise paint on it and the little driftwood and shell ornaments.

If the idea of having to work with screws, nails or glue somehow makes you feel uneasy you should check out these great birdhouse plans that we found on thediydreamer. They’re nail-less, screw-less and glue-less and the entire birdhouse is held together by scotch fasteners and mounting tape. You can probably adapt this idea to other plans as well. It would be a lot like putting together a 3D puzzle.

A birdhouse can also serve as a decoration for the patio or even for an interior space with a themed decor. In such a situation, you don’t have to focus a lot on making the birdhouse durable or super strong and you can decorate it with things like paper or fabric. To demonstrate, we invite you to check out this tropical birdhouse decoration featured on pillarboxblue.

Here’s a cool idea: decorate the roof of the birdhouse with pennies (or other coins). It will look super charming and the coins will look like shingles. This awesome repurposing idea comes from dreamaliitlebigger and what’s where you can find the birdhouse plans for this project. The penny roof is actually the final step of the project. Find out the other steps and follow the instructions to ensure your success.

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On Easter you can decorate the birdhouse with some special ornaments like some painted eggs, a few paper butterflies and even a tiny little Easter sign. This rustic birdhouse from tattiguardanolenuvole is so adorable you just want to look at it all day. That little bird’s nest is a really cool feature. It’s both aesthetically beautiful and pretty functional. The colored eggs might trick some birds into thinking they’re real though…

You can also think of a birdhouse as a cool DIY project idea for the kids. You’ll have to help them with some things but they can get some parts done by themselves too. Check out these simple birdhouse plans from acraftyspoonful. These birdhouses look really cute on the fence but obviously you can also install them on trees or on other structures. Painting them is probably the most fun part.

A basic birdhouse shouldn’t give anyone any trouble. It’s a super easy project, great for beginner DIY enthusiasts. To make a basic birdhouse you need a saw, a hammer, nails, some screws and a wooden board which you’ll be cutting into pieces. You can make the birdhouse as big or as small as you want. Follow the instructions offered on lowes and get started.

A single wood board can be all you need to make a basic birdhouse and this tutorial from birdsandblooms will show you how to use it. In addition to the pine board you’ll also need some screws and some finishing nails, a drill and a saw to cut the wood with. If you want you can improve these birdhouse plans and maybe add a rod below the entrance so the birds can rest on it.

A birdhouse is basically no more than a wooden box with a hole on the front. That being said, you can build a birdhouse out of just about anything although we suggest wood for its versatility and for the fact that it isolates against the cold quite nicely. Also, birds find wood familiar. Check out the birdhouse plans featured on ana-white. They show how to turn an old wooden board into a cute birdhouse with a really simple mounting system.

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Not all birdhouses are that simple. In fact, some designs can be quite whimsical, like this one for example. We found this charming birdhouse design while browsing hertoolbelt. It’s interesting in a lot of different ways. The shape is unusual, the opening is not circular as usual and the decorations are eye-catching too.

If you want, you can give the birds in your backyard a log cabin they can relax in and call home. It even has a small porch with a roof and everything. Check out the birdhouse plans on instructables to find out how to build this cute thing. Think of it as a miniature version of an actual log cabin. The logs can be twigs and instead of beams you can use some wooden rods.

Most birdhouse plans are for rustic or traditional-looking structures so what if you want your birdhouse to have a more contemporary look? No worries, there are plans for something like that too. In fact, we found some on builtbykids and we think they’re perfect. The project is simple and the birdhouse has a minimalist and sculptural design. We like the angle at which the roof is placed and the space left between the roof and the walls.

It’s easier to repurpose a box into a birdhouse than to build a birdhouse from scratch. With that in mind, check out this project that we found on instructables. The plans are for a wine box birdhouse. The supplies required include a wine box (obviously, a saw, a drill, rope and a dowel for the perch. You can definitely paint the box if you want to but you can also just leave it like it is.

An interesting possibility is to use PVC instead of wood when putting together the birdhouse. The result could be similar to what we found on instructables. This birdhouse looks really cute and really modern too. Not sure how much birds like the curved floor though but it’s probably fine with them too. Check out the tutorial to find out what you need to make this project work for your garden or yard.

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A cool idea which we also found on instructables is to give the birdhouse a window so you can peek inside and see the birds. The suggestion here is to hang the birdhouse in front of a window so you can see it from inside the house. Most of the structure is built of wood except for the back section which is made out of an old CD case.

Another cool idea is to create a hybrid between a birdhouse and a planter. It would be a birdhouse planter and the two functions wouldn’t even have to interfere with one another in any way. You can use the plans offered on instructables and you can customize them in any way you want. The birdhouse in this case is pretty tall and narrow so there might be enough space inside for two floors.

There’s another inspiring birdhouse-planter combo that we’d like to share with you. This one comes from midwestliving. It’s actually a birdhouse with a living roof which is indeed a really cool idea. For this project you can actually use an existing birdhouse and there’s no need to build one from scratch. The plans will show you how to add a roof planter.

Speaking of birdhouses and planters, here’s a combo that takes the idea to a whole new level. On instructables you can find a tutorial which shows you how to build a double birdhouse planter. In other words, it’s a planter box with a birdhouse at each end. You can hang it from a tree or put it out in the garden or on the patio.

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