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Triangular roof, A-frame house with under-deck storage for wood

A-frame house designs look elegantly geometric and romantic. Whether it is a beachside retreat, a mountain hut or a cabin in the woods, the A-frame building with a deck features a unique and attractive type of structure. The quirky triangle designs mix a nostalgic feel with a contemporary design offering traditional and innovative ideas for modern houses beautifully blending with the surroundings. A-frame house designs are about the allure of a particular way of life.

A traditional porch, ground level deck or level-changing deck designs are fantastic additions to A-frame houses, cabins, huts, and cottages. Porches create outdoor living spaces and connect home interiors with the surroundings. They help merge country homes, cabins, and cottages with nature and provide beautiful places to relax and enjoy the views, entertain with friends, dine with your family or sunbathe. A deck and stairs look inviting harmonizing the simple A-frames and creating a welcoming atmosphere.

A-frame houses with decks and porches

cottage with large windowsBeautiful winter cottage with porch and stairs, wood storage idea

If you have always dreamed of improving your old A-frame house, building a deck is a perfect idea. DIY deck design is not complicated construction project. Making a small, simple on-grade deck requires some carpentry tools and the desire to invest your time. Here are design ideas for porches and decks that offer inspirations for improving your A-frame house functionality and appeal.

Retro-modern house designs with A-frame structures

Cute triangular roofs of A-frame houses

Angular window designs, customizing house exteriors

Unique and attractive deck designs are functional features stretching your storage spaces. Wood storage under the deck or porch add a charming detail to A-frame cottages and cabins. A deck and stairs improve the outdoor aesthetic of A-frame personalizing the architectural designs. Decks and porches increase home values and transform a hut-like dwelling into an attractive small house. Use these deck design ideas to spark your creativity and find the perfect solution for your beautiful A-frame.

modern home with a frame designModern house design with large deck water front houseWaterfront house with deck small cottageSmall cottage with deck painted blue Triangular roof, A-frame house with under-deck storage for wood summer homeBeach house with large windows and wooden deck

triangular house deck above waterporch triangular roofcottage tringular framemodern house design with deckmodern house with deck and stairstringular house with deckporch and balconyyellow front doortriangular frame cottagewooden deckmodern home with fireplace and porchwood deck and stairswooden stairssmall cottage with deck

unique cottage triangular roof designRomantic cottage in the woods

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  last updated: 07.03.2018

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