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Designed as part of her Master’s Degree final project at the Wrocław Academy of Fine Arts, the DESKter is a sit & stand workstation, by Małgorzata Wojtyczka, that gives you the best of both worlds. Standing desks have been growing in popularity in recent years with all of the news on sitting being bad for our bodies. But, standing full-time isn’t always ideal either. With DESKter, you can switch back and forth as needed for both health and comfort.

The workstation is made for adults and children for use in offices, public areas, schools, and even at home.

DESKter is composed of three pieces – the supporting structure and two bent plywood desktops that can easily move into any of the various positions. If you’re ready to transport the desk or move it out of the way, it folds up and stores the desktops in additional slots. It’s also small enough to fit into a regular car.

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