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We’ve been a fan of Matt Shlian’s intricate paper sculptures for quite some time now (just check out his Instagram!). As a paper engineer, his work combines various fields – art, sculpture, science, math, and engineering – to create incredible tessellations made by folding, gluing, and cutting paper. Being curious and experimenting in the unknown with different forms, patterns and structures is what makes Matt’s work stand out from other paper artists. He lets the material reveal itself rather than set out to create a specific purpose.

For this month’s Designer Desktop, Matt has created two versions (a white and a black desktop) for you to download on all your tech devices.

  1024×768  1280×1024  1680×1050  1900×1200  2560×1440

MOBILE: iPhone XS Max

DESKTOP:  1024×768  1280×1024  1680×1050  1900×1200  2560×1440

MOBILE: iPhone XS Max

See more of Matthew Shlian’s work here.

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