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If you want to improve your home, to make it look and feel more inviting, more like you or simply more enjoyable there are all sorts of interesting ways to do that, including a bunch of DIY home decor improvements. We’ve put together a list of such projects. They’re all things which you can build or craft yourself without too much effort and without investing a lot of money but, more importantly, they’re things which can potentially make your home more welcoming, beautiful and enjoyable for you and for your guests.

The first has to do with the dinner table. An easy way to make the setting look nicer is to use a table runner. It’s a great alternative to the tablecloth which can often be perceived as looking outdated or not in tone with a modern or a contemporary interior design. All you need for a fabric table runner is a piece of linen, scissors, thread, pins and a sewing machine. Actually, you could use any type of fabric you want, not just linen. Pick a texture and a color that you think would complement your dining room.

Another nice addition to a home can be a sort of serving tray or cheese board on which to display appetizers and snacks when guests come over. It would be a fairly easy project and you could customize it in a lot of different ways. A hardwood board would be the main element needed here. You’d also need sandpaper or a sanding block, food-safe finish/ stain and a paint brush to apply it with.

A super cute and at the same time super easy idea is to turn basic string lights into themed decorations. Take some string lights and glue a leaf make out of parchment on each light. You can use permanent markers and various leaf templates to make different types of leaf decorations. Of course, the leaf string lights are a super cool idea if you’re planning a fall-themed decor but for a summer or a spring home decor you can use a whole different idea.

An easy way to decorate a space and to make it look fresh and vibrant is to display a bunch of potted plants. Based on this idea, we’d like to show you a very simple way of decorating a planter and then hanging it in a cute way. The idea is to wrap yarn all around the planter and to leave four long strands so you can then hang it. This yarn-wrapped hanging planter is really cute and some of that has to do with the colors used.

Speaking of yarn and ways to hang things around the house, there’s another lovely project idea which you might like. It involves a wooden dowel, some chunky yarn and some regular yarn. You can combine different colors if you prefer certain combos or you can choose a simpler approach and opt for a monochromatic design. Either way, this tassel wall hanging decoration would be super easy to make.

If you want to improve your home decor there’s a lot that you can do and the decorations we showed you so far are only a few of the options. Other ideas include making some accent furniture like some shelves which you can mount on walls or windows. We suggest acrylic shelves for the windows because they’re clear and they let light shine through them so they won’t obstruct the windows too much. To make shelves like these you need acrylic sheeting, right-angle brackets, screws, a drill and some gold spray paint.

A variations to the idea of wall shelves can be to make a hanging wine rack. We have the perfect design for you to try. It’s a simple, box-like module with four built-in slots at the bottom for glasses and plenty of space inside for a few bottles of wine and even a cute little flower vase or a planter. You could use a few pieces of scrap wood or you could repurpose some old piece of furniture from your home. Paint it so it matches the rest of your home decor and be creative with the little details.

If you feel like your home could use a new side table in the living room or in your cozy reading corner, then just go ahead and make one. Take a slice of wood and three hairpin legs and that’s all you need to build a chic wood slab side table. You can paint the legs and stain the top and you can even make more of these stylish little tables if you liked the first one. You could have several of these grouped up in the living room, as a sort of cool alternative to the regular old coffee table idea.

Not really in the mood for building furniture? Perhaps you’d prefer something smaller instead. How would you like to make a wire key holder for your entryway? It’s one of the easiest things ever. All you need is some pliable wire, pliers and a stencil (or you can improvise and be original). Basically you just bend the wire and give it any shape you want. You could shape it into a cute little house or you could use word stencil. Don;t forget the hooks so you can actually hang some keys from this key holder.

Finally, there’s also the option to take an existing piece of furniture and to give it a makeover, to change its look. An example that we’d like to share with you at this moment is this retro rainbow wooden dresser which has a really fun and colorful look. Sure, this tutorial actually shows you how to build the whole dresser from scratch but let’s assume for now that you already have a dresser. You could just paint its drawer fronts and change its hardware in order to give it a new and quirky look. It’s totally up to you to pick any colors you think would look best on your dresser.

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