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Fantini Design Awards 2018 Winners

I was very honored this year to be a judge for the 2nd Annual Fantini Design Awards, alongside Stefano Giussani, Lissoni Inc., and Arianne Nardo, Robb Report. There were so many beautiful projects that the judging was really hard! I was envious of every beautiful bath and kitchen space in the submissions, but the judges finally settled on the following winners (congrats!):

5th Ave. Loft
Andrew Pollock Architect, PC renovated and designed a New York City loft overlooking the Flatiron building and Madison Square Park. The inspiration for each of the three bathrooms came from different 20th century landmark buildings, which are visible outside each window. Durable, yet luxurious materials were chosen for the walls, surfaces and fixtures to represent the timeless nature of the surrounding city. The bathrooms were designed to be very open, meaning each fixture could be easily viewed. Boffi & Fantini’s Aboutwater AF/21 Fukasawa collection in chrome was the perfect option as it possesses the simplicity, function and timelessness to compliment the minimalist design of the loft. The project was completed in September 2017 and products were sourced from Ferguson.

1309 Maple Street
“Simple, elegant and well made – this is why we choose Fantini,” says design firm SMD Interiors, who created the award-winning master bathroom inside a Vancouver residence. Boffi & Fantini’s Aboutwater AF/21 Fukasawa collection was selected because of its simple, elegant design and ease of use. With the goal of creating a clean, minimalist space to unwind in at the end of the day, SMD Interiors selected Fantini fixtures for a tranquil sensory experience focused on quality materials and design. The space is bathed in light and works in harmony with the Fantini fixtures to make daily rituals beautiful. The project was completed in January 2016 and products were sourced from Cantu Bathrooms.

Gramercy Park Residence
Eric Petschek LLC designed this New York City apartment near quiet and beautiful Gramercy Park with a minimalistic approach to creating a simple, warm space with classic influences. Throughout the apartment, great pains were taken to simplify the features of the home without losing warmth or comfort. With natural materials and forms dictated by function, this design philosophy was carried into the home’s 2 bathrooms with the decision to use Fantini’s Mint fixtures as a way to bring thoughtful, elegant design into every detail. Chosen for its clever ergonomics and pursuit of simple volumes, Mint is an example of the importance of perfect details in minimalistic spaces. The project was completed in January 2017 with products sourced from Ferguson.

McGill 120
This two-story Montreal apartment was designed by Louis Béliveau of La Firme Design, a repeat winner from last year’s Fantini Design Awards, with both its historic location and a goal of total modernity in mind. Stripped down to the initial steel and brick structure built in 1895, La Firme created an open and modern space to accommodate large numbers of guests comfortably, with amenities like a surround-sound system and concealed movie screen and projector. Playing with warm halogen lighting, at night the wide proportions become a cozy atmosphere. Designing an open space with a vintage feel, La Firme selected Fantini’s I Balocchi in bold, high-contrast black and chrome for the massive tiled bathrooms, paying a high-design homage to community showers at public pools. Sleek and finely designed, I Balocchi was chosen as a collection bold enough to stand up to the task of being a focal point in the seemingly endless space. The project was completed in March 2018 and products were sourced from Batimat.

Osborne Residence
Designed by Reunion Goods & Services, this modern New York apartment is an exercise in the combination of sophistication and playfulness, with Fantini’s I Balocchi fixtures chosen for the same reason. Working in a famous Gilded Age New York building, the designers wanted to use color and have fun with the bathroom fittings, and chose I Balocchi because of the fixtures’ high-design and ability to stand their ground alongside the beautiful existing details of the apartment; all while still adding a vibrant element. Contemporary without being cold, the designers chose Fantini fixtures as a perfect fit for the apartment—lively, adventurous, beautifully detailed, and special. The project was completed in October 2016 and products were specified at the Fantini Showroom.

Vapor House
The designer’s personal home, this Maryland house was designed by David Jameson Architect Inc. as a sleek and comfortable haven. Chosen for its minimal details, precision craftsmanship, and authentic materials, the designer incorporated Fantini’s Milano collection and Boffi & Fantini’s Aboutwater AF/21 Fukasawa collection throughout 4 bathrooms in the house to add a functional, artistic aspect to the home. The project was completed in January 2017 and products were sourced through Union Hardware.

Future Category Winner: Cedar Grove Residence
This to-be-completed residence in Whistler, BC, Canada is designed by AKA Architecture + Design Inc. This modern cabin is a comfortable haven in the mountains and integrates simple lines, volumes and a minimal color palette to be a true respite from busy city life. Chosen as part of the designer’s vision to mirror the harmony and simplicity of the home in its interiors, Boffi & Fantini’s Aboutwater AF/21 Fukasawa collection in the Gun Metal finish will be used in six bathrooms throughout the home to bring elegance, simplicity, and a richness to spaces with a mix of materials such as tiles and natural stone. Set for completion by Christmas of 2018, Fantini fixtures bring a perfect visual balance to this mountain escape. Products are sourced through Cantu Bathrooms.

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