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Maybe we don’t receive as much physical mail as we used to, with everything being done electronically these days, but that doesn’t really make the mailbox useless. Keep it for nostalgia or for receiving packages, but don’t eliminate it just yet. In this scenario it could even be cool to update its design so it matches your home and personal style and while you’re at it you should look at some modern house numbers too. Just by talking about it makes us really excited to look at some modern mailbox designs so let’s get started.

The Stratford Parcel Mailbox is an all-in-one piece. It’s made of raw dark gray hot rolled steel and it has two compartments inside. The upper section is your classic mailbox for letters, magazines and other things and the lower compartment is bigger and designed for packages. There’s a lock at the back so your packages stay safe inside and if you want you can also request a lock for the mailbox at the top too.

The Gibson Classic Mailbox is designed to be wall-mounted and has a pretty simple and basic design. Its sides are made of 14 gauge steel and the mailbox is designed to be waterproof and to keep your mail safe inside, untouched by the sun, rain or snow. It has mounting holes in the back and it comes with a lock and keys.

The design of this Mid-Century Modern Mailbox is inspired by the look of mailboxes produced back in the 1950s and 1960s. It’s quite simple but it’s also quirky, especially in terms of color. This funky mailbox is crafted out of 20 gauge steel which makes it considerably thicker and more durable than most mailboxes produced today.

This modern wall-mounted mailbox is the Letterman 4. Its design is very clean and simple and it comes in several bright and eye-catching colors such as orange, green, red, silver as well as some less intense nuances such as white, black, blue, dark green and anthracite. The lock is under the mail flap and doesn’t interrupt the minimalist appearance of the mailbox.

The TomTom mailbox is a really cute product with a design that’s modern, simple and quirky. It’s small and easy to install and it comes in several lovely accent colors including red, light grey, blue and yellow. The box is made of steel and the pole which supports it wooden and this combination is really nice. This actually looks like a bit like a small birdhouse or like a cute little robot head with a super long and thin neck. Either way, it’s cute and funny.

You’ve Got Mail, that’s the name of this modern mailbox that looks a lot like an app icon. Its design is part nostalgic and part futuristic. It may look like a simple envelope but this mailbox has a fingerprint scanner and that colored triangle at the top is actually a solar panel. The mail is inserted from the side and then you get a message on your phone or computer letting know that you’ve got mail. It’s one of the few truly modern mailboxes which incorporate new technologies into their designs.

Isn’s this mailbox simply adorable. It’s called Koo Koo and it’s shaped like a bird. The design is cute, playful and stylized in a really cool way too, allowing this modern mailbox to be both eye-catching and functional. It was designed by Playso in collaboration with Justin Hutchinson. Notice that the wing is open so the mailbox can be spacious in order to also accommodate magazines and newspapers.

This is a modern mailbox produced by Javi Design. It’s very versatile and can be installed as a freestanding accessory or can installed on walls, fences and other surfaces. The designers wanted to make sure their mailbox would be able to withstand the harsh Australian climate so they built it out of sustainable Accoya wood and coated steel.

If you’re looking for a simple, large and modern mailbox which can complement your house, you might be able to find something cool on etsy, like the No. 1219 Custom Post-mount Mailbox which comes in 24 different colors. It’s made of powder-coated aluminum which makes it durable but also lightweight.

The Waldo Modern Mailbox is another stylish and chic option. As some of the other ones we’ve shown you today, this mailbox can be customized to display your house number as well. It’s made of stainless steel and hardwood and it looks chic, elegant and is perfect for any modern or contemporary house, especially one that has a clean, geometric architecture with box-like volumes

Here’s another modern wall mounted mailbox, also from Etsy. This one offers the option of etching your name or house number on the wooden front panel. The frame of the mailbox is made of stainless steel with a powder-coated finish available in black, red, bronze or white.

The Louis S wall-mounted mailbox can also be customized this time via laser-engraved lettering. The design of the mailbox is simple, modern and pretty versatile. In a way, you could say it looks timeless. It’s sleek and durable and designed to last for a long long time.

If minimalism is what you’re looking for in a modern mailbox, you should check out the Rok Mailbox which has a very clean and simplistic design. It’s also quite large which makes it practical. The house number is cut in the bottom right corner of the mailbox so this is really a two-in-one accessory.

Of course, if you want something classic with just a hint of modern flair, there are plenty of options here as well. One of them is the Dexter Classic Mailbox which is made of steel with laser-cut detailing on either side. Its design is elegant and has a very nice industrial vibe to it without looking too rugged.

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