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Austria-based Klara Schuster, who formed her label frauklarer in 2014, recently switched to the composite material Jesmonite for her latest work of household accessories, having previously favored marble. Two new modern collections, all made from terrazzo-like Jesmonite, include a series of vases and vessels, as well as modular jewelry trays.

freckled bowl – orange/blue

The Freckles in Stone Collection is a series of bowls, vases, and vessels in various colorways with fresh shapes and modern silhouettes. The angular pieces boast “freckles” of colorful fragments that really elevate each object. Along with smooth edges, the pieces have a jagged side that will increase your desire to reach out and touch them.

vessel large – red/black/white

vase high – violet/green/orange

vase high – red/white/black

Modular 17

The second series is the Modular Jewelry Displays that are flat, geometric pieces that becomes a sculptural place to hold your jewelry when you’re not wearing it. Each display features notched out lines for added visual interest.

Modular 7

Modular 44

Modular 44

Modular 6

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