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Danish furniture brand Fritz Hansen continues collaborating with Spanish designer Jaime Hayon after a series of successful launches, including the FAVN sofa, RO chair, FRI chair, and the LUNE sofa. The latest addition to the collection is the Lounge Chair JH97, a modern chair made using traditional craftsmanship methods. The goal was to design a “typical” Danish lounge chair that was sculptural but light in form.

Looking to nature for inspiration, the JH97 gives nod to the pelican with long, wide wings ready for flight, subtle curves, and bold bill, sharing strength along with its simple form. The chair’s timeless design perfectly merges the history of the brand with a contemporary aesthetic ensuring it will be carried into the future.

Its solid oak, hand-assembled frame, available in natural oak, stained oak, or black ash, features soft curves that make the chair appealing from every angle.

The low, relaxed seat is enhanced with plush upholstered cushions that come with detachable covers in your choice of textile or leather. This allows you to change up the look if desired.

Lounge Chair JH97 will be hitting the stores in September 2019.

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