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One of the most fun activities every Halloween is pumpkin carving and there are a lot of cool ideas to try but if you’d rather keep your beautiful pumpkins intact you could choose to paint them instead. This is actually a great idea and a great way to decorate and customize the pumpkins without doing any carving. I know I’ll definitely try it this year so let’s check out some design ideas in case you’re feeling inspired too.

One idea comes from hillcitybride and suggests using the paint drip technique. You take a pumpkin, you wrap tape around the stem and then you spray paint the whole pumpkin in one solid color. You can also leave it how it is if you like its natural color. Then you take some acrylic paint and you pour at the top, just near the stem and you let it drip. You can layer more colors to create a marbled effect.

If you’re a pokemon fan or if you just think pikachu looks cute, check out this fun pumpkin painting idea from happinessishomemade. For the pikachu pumpkin you’ll also need some yellow paper for the ears and tail and for the pokeball one all you need is paint and some tape.

If you start by painting a pumpkin mat black, anything you paint on it after that will basically look cool and dramatic, even flowers or cute faces. check out doodlecraftblog for some ideas regarding some of the designs you can create using this technique.

You don’t have to choose an intricate design or a very complicated pattern in order to make your painted pumpkin look cool and beautiful. In fact, some of the most beautiful designs are very simple, like these ones featured on tellloveandparty. These rainbow pumpkins are adorable and they’re easy to paint too.

Another idea that’s super cool and inspiring is to paint starts and galaxies on your pumpkin. It’s not as easy as making a rainbow pumpkins but if you can pull this off, it’s definitely work the effort. Here what you’re going to need: black acrylic paint, white acrylic paint, glitter, nail polish in different colors, stars, small fake diamonds, brushes, sponges and decoupage glue. Find out the details on 42stripes.

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You don’t have to be a talented artist to paint a pumpkin and to make it look pretty. Just use your strengths. Flowers are something that pretty much anyone can draw or paint in a satisfactory manner so how about a floral pumpkin with a fall-themed look? That’s just what lindseycrafterblog prescribes for this Halloween.

This cool pumpkin was painted using the shake technique. In case you don’t know what that means we’ll explain it right now. You take a container big enough for the pumpkin to fit with some room to spare, you pout some acrylic paint in at the bottom of the container in small pools (different colors) and then you put the pumpkin in, you close the lid and you shake. It’s fun and it’s pretty at the same time. This idea comes from sunnydayfamily.

Aren’t these gingham pumpkins adorable? They bring out the cozy nature of fall and everything related to this season. You can paint a gingham pattern on a pumpkin without much effort and without needing a stencil. The instructions can be found on kellyinthecity. You start with a white pumpkin and you paint every other slice using colored acrylic paint, then you fill in patches on the white slices to create alternating squares. Then you paint a few darker-colored squares on the already painted slices to create the checkered patterned.

Did you know you can use crayons instead of paint to decorate a pumpkin? The idea is not to draw on the pumpkin but to melt the crayons. Sure, it sounds a bit cruel but the result is super cool. Check out craftymorning to see for yourself. To replicate this look, start with a plain white pumpkin. Unwrap the crayons, cut them in half and glue the pieces onto the pumpkin, at the top. When the glue has dried, start melting the crayons with a blow dryer.

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Since the Halloween fun starts after sunset, we thought you’d like these glow-in-the-dark pumpkins that we found on lovetocreateblog. You can paint them using technique you want. The only mandatory thing is to use glow-in-the-dark paint. You can paint geometric patterns, polka dots, pretty flowers or spooky faces…basically whatever you think would look cool.

You can also have a lot of fun painting pumpkins if you use cardboard stencils to create silhouettes over your already painted, patterned pumpkin. First you can paint some polka dots on your pumpkin, let the paint dry and then you can cut out a cardboard stencil and paint a cute silhouette using paint in a different color. Check out how great these dinosaur pumpkins featured on rachelmarpeace look.

Another idea can be to explore your artistic side and to paint something pretty on the pumpkin as opposed to something spooky or graphical. You could make a floral pumpkin like the one featured on craftberrybush. It would look lovely in your living room, bedroom or dining room and you can use it as a centerpiece or a shelf ornament.

Paint-dipped pumpkins can look super cool, especially if you use neon colors. The technique is very simple. First you spray paint the entire pumpkin white (or not, if you like its natural look), then you flip it upside down (you can rest it on a jar, a vase or pretty much any container, and you put a nice layer of neon paint on its bottom, letting it drip over the sides. When the paint is dry you’ll have your pumpkin ornaments. You can find more details about this on anightowlblog.

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A simple pumpkin can look pretty and stylish too. You can paint one in a teal or turquoise color and display it on your porch next to some other Halloween ornaments. Sure, you could put some stickers on or paint an interesting pattern on the pumpkin but we really like the simplicity of this design so perhaps you will too. The inspiration for this project comes from practicallyfunctional.

We mentioned stencils before and now we’d like to emphasize just how great and useful they can be when you’re painting a pumpkin. You can use all sorts of stencils with all sorts of different designs, shapes and sizes. You can mix and match different forms and different colors to create interesting and unique designs. Check out handmadecharlotte for inspiration.

There’s also another cool idea that we’d like to share with you today. It involves nail polish and the technique is easy and fun. You take a bowl (a disposable one would be best) and you fill it with lukewarm water. Then you pour a few colors of nail polish in, you swirl a little with a stick and then you dip small pumpkins into the colored water and you let them rest so the nail polish can dry. We found this technique described on sayyes and we immediately fell in love with the idea.

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