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Our Independence Day plans for this year continue and we hope you’re excited about this too because we have more great 4th of July crafts to show you. Don’t worry, they’re all pretty simple and they’re also quite fun to make too. They’re meant to let you express your patriotism in a creative and beautiful manner and they range from things like wreaths and table runners to lawn decorations. a lot of the projects are actually pretty versatile and can be customized in all sorts of ways.

This pom-pom wreath from flamingotoes is a very cool project especially because it has a foam core that all the ornaments are pinned into which means you can take out as many as you want and replace them with something else so the wreath matches an entirely different theme. It’s a great way to make a wreath as changeable and as reusable as possible.

A table runner is one of things that will make your 4th of July table decor look complete. It’s also something that’s very easy to craft, as shown on theshabbycreekcottage. All you need in this case is a piece of burlap and some red, white and blue acrylic paint. Use the acrylics to paint stars on the burlap after you’ve cut the fabric to the desired shape and size.

Sure, patriotism is the main theme of the whole 4th of July celebration but you can also pick a second theme to use in your projects. For instance, hwtm proposes a nautical-themed set of party decorations which could inspire others to try something similar this year. The color theme of the celebration matches the nautical context quite naturally.

Have you ever thought that paper straws can be used to create beautiful and patriotic decorations like this flag day wreath? Well it’s true and straws are actually quite versatile and can be repurposed in all sorts of creative ways, especially the ones that have certain distinct patterns and colors on them. Check out theprojectcorner for more details regarding the wreath.

Garlands are cool decorations and not just for Christmas. You can make a festive garland for just about any occasion, including the 4th of July. In that sense, check out this denim and burlap combo featured on createcraftlove. The colors are obviously meant to showcase the patriotic theme of the project but if you’ve decided to make something similar for a different occasion you can easily pick a different palette, one that matched that particular theme.

Here’s something that you can display on your mantel on the 4th of July: an “America” sign. You can make one out of a wood board and some letters which you can paint on the board or which can be glued in place. Stickers could work too but you might have a hard time finding the right ones in the right size. The suggestion given on landeeseelandeedo is to just use wood letters and to customize them with craft paint.

Another 4th of July craft you could do is a flag. Sure, it would be pretty easy to just buy an American flag but that’s not what we’re after. Try to come up with an original interpretation instead. For instance, you could make a flag out of wood. That’s right, it’s possible and you can repurpose a pallet for this project if you want to. You can then display the flag as a wreath on your front door. You can find instructions for this on adiamondinthestuff.

Another interesting interpretation of the whole American flag idea can be found on hoosierhomemade where the suggestion is to decorate a wooden shutter using red and blue paint and a star tempalte. Of course, this would be a decorative shutter and not an actual functional one. You can display it in the yard, on the patio or anywhere else you want.

These patriotic centerpieces featured on atthepicketfence are super easy to make too and this also seems like a fun project so let’s check out the details. First of all, this is a great way to repurpose a few glass bottles. You can keep this in mind as a general idea, not necessarily 4th of July-related. There are all sorts of themed little details here which make this a very patriotic craft, like the little star ornaments and the flags.

If you’d much rather prefer to repurpose some mason jars instead of glass bottles, go ahead and do that. You could give the jars a festive makeover if you wrap some red, white and blue yarn around them, as shown on albiongould. You can then use the jars as storage containers for all the tableware and other 4th of July crafts and supplies.

Your lawn could get a makeover too. It’s nothing too complicated or permanent, just some stars painted on the grass. Try to find paint that will easily wash away with water and that will not permanently damage the grass.  This idea is pretty cool in general and you can customize it in all sorts of ways. You can even paint twister circles on the lawn for some family fun time. Check out theconcretecottage for details.

There are a lot of other simple things which you can do to express your patriotism with fun and easy 4th of July crafts, like this red, white and blue power pot featured on lollyjane. It has cute stars and stripes on it and the pattern is far from perfect but that’s actually what gives it such an authentic and charming look.

Wood signs are another funky idea. They have a lovely retro vibe and they can look nice just about anywhere. That being said, check out this USA wood sign craft that was featured on housefulofhandmade. It’s very easy to put together and all you need is a wood board (or a tray, that can work too), three wood letters and some red, white and blue paint.

Wreaths are by far some of the most versatile and commonly used decorations no mater what the theme or the occasion is. A 4th of July wreath is pretty easy to make and there are some cool and funky ideas out there to use, like the one we found on 259west. This one is made of old-fashioned clothespins which are attached to a sturdy floral ring. You can get some plain wooden clothespins and paint them yourself or you can get three sets of different-colored clothespins and then simply glue a few white stars on the blue ones.

We’re reached the end of our list and we’ll finish this with a special project that requires you to go in the search of a wood log. That’s right you can use this opportunity to take a walk in the forest looking for fallen branches or perhaps you can get one from your own back yard which would make things a lot easier but not necessarily more fun. Either way, once you have the log, give it a good clean and then paint it as shown on redheadcandecorate. Drill some holes for the candles too. You now have a patriotic centerpiece for your 4th of July table setting.

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