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The table is that essential piece of furniture we all use on the daily, whether eating a quick bite of breakfast or celebrating with a group of friends. GANDIABLASCO recognizes its importance and proves it with beautiful outdoor tables that are also practical. They partnered with the Cosentino Group, the manufacturer of Dekton® surfaces, to enhance their tables even further. Dekton’s innovative surfaces bring the beauty of natural stone but with low maintenance and durability that will ensure you’ll enjoy them forever.

Dekton’s ultra thin material absorbs very little water which helps it keep its color through the years in most any kind of climate. Its practicality makes it a great option for armrests on GANDIOBLASCO outdoor chairs also. So far, they’ve incorporated Dekton into several collections with nine different colors available: Danae (sandy tones), Radium (rust), Zenith (pure white), Aura (an homage to Calacatta and Carrara marble), Sirocco (stone), Ventus (light grey), Galema (green with brownish undertones), Korus (solid greenish grey) and Domoos (graphite black).

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