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Two sinks are better than one and most people would agree with that, especially those familiar with the many advantages of having a double sink vanity in the bathroom. So what are these advantages exactly? Well, the most important one is that couples don’t have to share the sink and get in each other’s way in the morning or every time they both need access to it. If that’s not enough to convince you your bathroom needs a remodel, how about the fact that double bathroom vanities look amazing? Perhaps the following examples can make you change your mind.

Although double sink bathroom setups often look symmetrical, that’s not always the case. The two washbasins on this vanity, for example, occupy the left side of the unit while the rest of the counter remains open. Each sink has an oval mirror and a hanging pendant lamp above it so there is a bit of symmetry here after all.

A single large mirror can be shared and can serve as an element that unifies the bathroom. The double sink vanity has the opposite effect, dividing the bathroom and sharing it between two matching sides. If you like the idea, learn how to install a bathroom mirror and you can reinvent your bathroom in no time.

There are two main ways in which you can plan a bathroom for two. You can either combine two sinks into a single vanity with a long, shared counter or you can opt for two smaller but separate vanities, each with its own sink, counter and mirror.

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This type of setup is something you’d expect to see in a luxury bathroom. Of course, if you want to sinks in your bathroom, you need enough space for them. Plenty of compact and space-efficient designs are available and most would fit in a regular bathroom.

Ideally, if you have two separate vanities in the bathroom, each should offer some sort of storage for basics such toothpaste, a soap dispenser, a hand towel, etc. Usually these would go in the cabinet under the sink but this design is a bit different.

We should also mention that double sink vanities come with a few disadvantages as well, the biggest one being related to space. A bathroom like this one, for example, is quite large, bigger than most standard bathrooms so not everyone can enjoy its benefits

Another concern could be the reduced counter space. The second sink takes up considerable space on the counter so you might not want to give that up. Of course, it all works out if there’s plenty of space to go around, like in this case. The bathroom backsplash is a great focal point here.

This gray bathroom is quite exquisite too and the large white counter with two sinks and that gorgeous backsplash is a lovely focal point which emphasizes the simplicity of the design in a really cool way. It’s an effect which you often get whenever marble bathroom features are involved.

Symmetry can be a good thing as it makes spaces seem more welcoming, comfortable and familiar and you can take advantage of that if you’re planning to have two sinks in your bathroom anyway.

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Here’s yet another example of how double sink vanities with symmetrical designs can look exquisite. In this case the bathroom mirrors with lights also help to emphasize the elegance and sophistication of the space.

If you’re still worried about space, check out another lovely design that perfectly blends looks and function. This bathroom vanity is pretty compact in size, featuring two washbasins and generous storage under the open counter.

Separate vanities can be a good option if you like things to stay separate. Also, they don’t have to be identical which means each one can have its distinct features. It can be interesting to customize each vanity based on each user’s particular needs.

There are many different ways to make a bathroom look luxurious and sophisticated. A large double sink vanity is just one of the features you can include, along with carefully selected materials, finishes and even bathroom colors.

A bathroom setup like this one, in addition to being practical and user-friendly because of the separate sinks and generous storage, also looks very refined, welcoming and sophisticated. It’s an interesting option for open bathrooms that seamlessly blend into the bedroom suite.

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