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This quirkily colourful home is a cottage in the suburbs of Moscow, designed by talent at LOV Studio. The idea was to create a modern interior that maintained a country house atmosphere. A feel for the countryside was achieved through the use of natural materials, such as the wooden floors, wall and ceiling panelling. However, the interior is anything but rustic. Highly contemporary furniture composed of sharp lines has been arranged in controlled angular layouts. One cohesive colour story runs throughout the entire home, which is bold injections of bright yellow and vivid green. The end result is an energised space that feels positively uplifting and revitalising.

Jumping straight in at the living room we hit a bright green modern sofa, teamed with sunny yellow bench seats around a sharp modern coffee table. A floor lamp illuminates the seating arrangement that has been dressed with a scattering of different throw cushions.

The yellow accent living room has a feature wall that is clad in light wood tone. The ceiling is picked out in a wood slatted design.

The kitchen and dining room share an open plan space with the lounge.

The backless bench seats around the modern coffee table allow the lounge to maintain an open feel with the rest of the space. The bench between the lounge and kitchen could even be used from the opposite side if chatting to the cook.

An exposed brick accent wall has been whitewashed to pale the chimney breast into the rest of the light scheme. A modern fireplace is set back into the brickwork to keep the look streamlined. The bricks continue as tv wall decor behind a set of matching media units.

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A couple of woven baskets perform different functions by the fireside. One holds an indoor plant whilst the other stores cut logs for the wood-burning stove. An effective piece of colourful wall art has been fashioned by overlaying wooden slats in different shades.

A towering wine rack, complete with wine glasses, stands proud on one side of the kitchen by a bright green accent unit.

Another piece of wooden wall decor adds interest in the dining area too, this time using cut blocks as the painted medium.

Green decorative vases bring colour to a monochrome dining set.

A breakfasting island stands at the centre of the kitchen beneath a black modern chandelier, which is the Vibia Match.

The L-shaped kitchen with island has a predominantly white finish, though the centre section that runs the length of the prep countertop has been designed as a black cutaway.

The black and white kitchen has slab fronted, handle-free cabinets in a minimalist aesthetic.

A solid expanse of green carries us down the hallway and up the staircase. Black modern wall sconces light the way.

In the home entryway, a set of green decorative wall hooks are arranged on a wood slatted wall over a green cushioned shoe bench.

A row of white closets provide further storage in the entry hall.

In the master bedroom, a modern platform bed has a green powder coated frame and green headboard. Monochrome scatter cushions bring pattern to plain grey bedclothes. Green bedside tables match the bed.

Two black swing arm wall lamps accompany a black bedroom pendant light in the lighting scheme.

Unique bedroom decor has been created by installing a living wall. The greenery is lit around its frame by LEDs.

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A black and yellow bedroom accent chair brightens one corner of the room.

Black and yellow succulent planters complement the colours of the accent chair.

minimalist bathroom is a vision of smooth light wood grain and white marble. A washing machine has been set back into the eaves to make this a utility space too.

The black frame of the shower enclosure and a black towel heater make stark contrast with pale surrounds.

A sloped ceiling bedroom holds another double platform bed; this time the frame is black with bright yellow bedclothes providing all the colour.

Black modern wall sconces are mounted at each side of a grey headboard feature wall. Geometric deer art adds interest on the adjacent wall.

The black outline of the bedroom wall decor matches the black frame of the platform bed.

A partial room divider has been fashioned to mark a change in use. On the opposite side of it we find a good sized built-in sofa and a generous home office area. Geometric animal designs mark the sofa cushions, tying the lounge decor with the deer art in the sleeping area.

The grey and yellow rug continues the geo theme. A black swing arm wall lamp lights the desk.

The modern home office is picked out in sections of cheerful yellow to make it a welcoming spot to come work in. A bespoke shelving unit with concealed cupboards and a set of drawers at its base provides the work space with storage.

A television faces the sofa in the bedroom lounge.

Spa-like style fills a second bathroom, where white floral plants decorate the vanity. Matching fluffy white robes hang on stand by.

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This cloakroom/utility room may be small but it is packed with a washing machine, tumble dryer, and laundry basket, plus a toilet and a urinal on the wood clad side of the room. A wall hung basin with a decorative wall mirror are mounted onto marble tile.

Wooden wall decor runs the length of the sofa in this private home office.

A grey woven rug warms the centre of the floor.

The desk has a yellow trestle leg to brighten the scheme.

A wall mounted tv faces the office sofa.

Black accents frame the room.

A kid’s study is coloured with vivid green chairs.

The kids’ wall decor is a gallery of inspirational posters, with a Jeeves bowler hat wall lamp framed at either side.

A unique table lamp lights the reading table.

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