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Gus* Modern x Pendleton Woolen Mills Collaborate on a 2nd Chair Collection

Last year, Toronto-based Gus* Modern collaborated with Pendleton Woolen Mills on a trio of limited edition lounge chairs and they’re at it again with the release of another capsule collection. The latest limited edition series features the sculptural Gus* Modern Elk Chair upholstered in two different Pendleton® patterns giving them a fresh, new look.

The lighter, natural ash chair is upholstered in the Canyonlands Desert fabric with subdued neutral tones on a white background, while the black ash chair is upholstered in the Diamond River Tonal Charcoal fabric in a monochromatic pattern. The southwestern-inspired patterns are made on Pendleton® fabrics that are produced by textile brand Sunbrella which makes them extra durable and easy to maintain.

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