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The former One Directioner is selling his enviable mansion above Sunset Strip in LA

It must be a ‘Sign of the Times’! Only last year Harry Styles was rumoured to be selling his bachelor pad in New York and it would seem he’s looking for a new direction once again, as his Hollywood home goes up for sale.

The impressive house is currently on the market for a cool $8million– that’s £5.4million if you’re paying in pounds.

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Image credit: Hilton & Hyland

The house nestles in the Hollywood Hills just above the iconic Sunset Strip, one of the most desirable locations in LA. Built in the 1960s, the house has a whole lot of ‘History’ – but we’re sure Mr Styles is its most famous resident to date.

It has three bedrooms and five bathrooms, and an open-plan living area that leads onto a dramatic terrace with views across to the Pacific Ocean.


Image credit: Hilton & Hyland

Dunkirk star Harry has sunk a bit of money into the place since he bought it in 2016. ‘One Thing’ that stands out is a striking piece of Matisse-style modern art in the kitchen.

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Image credit: Hilton & Hyland

In this guest bedroom there’s no chance of you being Up All Night, as that divan looks divine!

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Image credit: Hilton & Hyland

And surely the vista from the master suite has to go down as the Best View Ever?!


Image credit: Hilton & Hyland

Look around and you’ll spot all the Little Things that Harry loves – for example, his fondness for cowhide, as sported on these two occasional chairs in the third and final bedroom.


Image credit: Hilton & Hyland

He’s also got a hide in the hall. However, we’re a little surprised at the lack of floral prints in the house – particularly given Harry’s trademark suits.


Image credit: Hilton & Hyland

The house also has a pool, hot tub, terrace and this home gym. A bright yellow bike and yoga mats suggests Harry likes to mix up his cardio with more holistic forms of exercise.


Image credit: Hilton & Hyland

Word has it that Harry tried to sell the place last year, but has dropped the asking price by close to £1million pounds.

We’re not sure why no one snapped it up first time around as it looks ‘Perfect’ to us!

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