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If you’ve been following Home Designing for awhile, you may be familiar with our favorite products of 2018. We wanted to make your holiday shopping a little easier this year, so we’ve rounded up all our favorites in one place. We’ve even included a few fresh finds that tickled our fancy as of late. Still need a gift for a quirky cook, decor enthusiast, or avid reader? We’ve got that! Gifts for a plant loving Mom or tech savvy Dad? We’ve got them covered too. Just don’t be surprised if you end up wanting to keep everything on our list for yourself. Welcome to Christmas 2018’s ultimate holiday gift guide!


Double Wall Coffee Mug: Help keep your lattes warm on those cold winter days with these unique mugs. When filled with a hot beverage they will remain cool to the touch and with cold beverages they won’t condensate. An elegant way to display fancy and layered drinks. Available in 4 sizes. Who will love it: The foodie, the latte lover, the avid social media poster.


Hawaiian Pineapple Tumbler: A fun piece that keeps drinks cold in style. Even if you are stuck in a snowy climate this Christmas, this golden pineapple tumbler can infuse even the coldest of holidays with a bit of tropical warmth. Who will love it: The tropical vacationers, the cocktail lover, the glamorous hostess.


Beehive Cookie Jar: If you are going to get caught with you hand in the cookie jar, at least let it be as cute as this one! This unique cookie jar will keep you in style and on budget. Make it extra special by filling it with some homemade cookies. Yum yum! Who will love it: The bee lover, the cookie monster, the baker.


Stag Head Holder: A deer head that is as elegant as it is stylish. This holder is perfect to display kitchen utensils or a few flowers. You can even arrange them to look like antlers! Who will love it: The king of the kitchen, the nature buff, the hunter.


Origami Style Spinning Vase: Dreidel, dreidel, dreidel, I made you out of clay… Inspired by–you guessed it–the driedel, this spinning vase is a modern treat. A recognized symbol of Hanukkah that doubles as a modern vase! Who will love it: The offbeat decor enthusiast, the Hanukkah celebrator.

$200BUY IT

Click & Grow Smart Garden: Indoor gardening has never been so easy! If you have someone on your list that loves plants but can’t keep a cactus alive, then this self-watering planter is for them. Simply pick your favorite herb, install the plant cartridge, fill the water reservoir, and plug in. Voila! Fresh herbs all-year long. Who will love it: The urban gardener, the serial plant killer, the cook, the fresh produce fanatic.


Sparrow Salad Bowl: Skip losing the tongs in the salad bowl with these two love birds that perch effortlessly on the side of the bowl. Always ready to swoop in and grab some salad at a moments notice. Who will love it: The bubbly hostess, the fun cook, the bird lover.


Hedgehog Toothpick Holder Exclusive: Infuse any dish with a pinch of fun using a conversation starting toothpick server. This little dude made out of recycled plastic is perfect to hold toothpicks while serving cocktails or hors d’ oeuvre. Who will love it: The cute animal fan, the hedgehog lover, the quirky hostess.

$199BUY IT

Spartan Knife Set & Holder: En garde! Win the battle for most unique Christmas gift with this spartan knife set and holder. A quirky and fun way to display knives in any kitchen. Who will love it: The quirky cook, the goofy boyfriend.


Astronaut Vases: To infinity and beyond! Start a conversation in any room with a fun and stylish decorative vase shaped like an astronaut. Who will love it: The space lover, the astronomer, the star gazer.


Mr. & Mrs. Night Carafe Set: No need to wander to the kitchen in the middle of the night for water anymore with the Mr. & Mrs. Night Carafe set. This carafe set even includes a glass that doubles as a lid, so your water will always be fresh! Who will love it: The nighttime water seeker, the thirsty desk worker.

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From $34BUY IT

Hay Sowden Bottles: Abolish thirst in 2019 with an ultra-stylish Hay Swoden bottle. The perfect solution for both hot and cold drinks on the go. Available in multiple colors. Who will love it: The hiker, the sports enthusiast, the coffee addict, the busy bee.


Gold Wine Rack: The perfect gift for the wino in your life that likes to keep things fresh and bold. Psst! If you really want to get in their good graces, include a bottle of wine or two. Who will love it: The wine enthusiast, the gold decor lover.

$276BUY IT

Whale Shaped Wine Decanter: Wine drinking will always be a whale of a time with this little guy. A wine decanter is a must to enhance any red wine since it helps tease out flavor notes that you may have otherwise missed. Who will love it: The ocean lover, the whale watcher, the wine drinker.


Free Standing Knife: Something that both the modern Mom and seasoned cook will enjoy. With these
unique knives you will never have to place your knife on the edge of the sink again thanks to its freestanding design. Who will love it: The efficient cook, the avid sandwich maker.

From $93BUY IT

Gold-finish Animal Bottle Stopper: Support a small business this year by gifting one of these luxury, bottle stoppers. Inspired by the animal world, these handcrafted stoppers have been cast in metal and will look ultra-chic on any bottle. Who will love it: The animal lover, the hunter, the whisky drinker.


Magnetic Hourglass: Start the countdown to Christmas with an hourglass filled with unique magnetic sand. Who will love it: The office worker, the study owner.


Skeleton Hand Hanging Jewellery Tidy: Get a hand organizing your jewelry with a little help from a skeleton friend. Who will love it: The horror movie junkie, the Halloween enthusiast, the anatomy student.

From $80BUY IT

Carved Wooden Clock: Tick Tock! These memorizing, wooden wall clocks will help you keep track of time long after the big guy goes back to the North Pole. Handcreated with multiple layers of carved wood by Liotta Design. Who will love it: The unique decor lover, the small business supporter, the modern and traditional home owner.

From $15BUY IT

Taschen Architect Book Series: Give the gift of inspiration and knowledge with the Taschen Architect Book Series. Filled with beautiful photos and information regarding various builds and specific styles. Who will love it: The architect, the interior designer, the design lover.


Laser Cut Wood Journals: Never again be caught without a place to jot down your ideas. A stylish journal that is sure to impress with its sustainable wood cover and hand-binding. Who will love it: The avid journaler, the sketchbook artist, the highschool or university student.


Lamy Pico Pen: It is no surprise that the sleek, Lamy Pico pen is a Red Dot Design Award Winner. Available in multiple finishes, such as matte chrome, high-gloss chrome, blue, red, black or glossy white. Who will love it: The writer, the journaler, the professional.


Knight Pen Holder: Always at your service, this mini knight will make sure your favorite pen or pencil is readily available. Who will love it: The writer, the calligrapher, the medieval era fan.

$799BUY IT

The New iPad Pro: A must-have for those busy bees always on the go. The new iPad Pro features liquid retina display, Face ID, and an all new Apple pencil that attaches magnetically to charge and pair. Who will love it: The digital artist, the busy bee, the tech savvy teenager.

$229BUY IT

Venus of Cupertino iPad Docking Station: An iPad docking station that is also a work of art. The Venus of Cupertino is the perfect way to charge your iPad and decorate your home. Who will love it: The luxury decor lover, the iPad owner.

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$578BUY IT

Nubia X Dual Screen Phone: The Nubia X dual screen phone reimagines the smart phone by placing a secondary display on the back. Finally, a back camera that can take a good selfie! Who will love it: The avid social media poster, the early tech adopter.

$2000BUY IT

Skydio R1 Self Flying Drone Camera: Take your videos to new heights with a drone capable of recording 4K video WHILE flying itself. Using cutting edge technology, the Skydio R1 Drone will avoid obstacles and predict what will happen next. This means that you can focus less on controls and more on your adventure! Who will love it: The Adventurer, the adrenaline junkie, the tech lover.

$545BUY IT

Meural Digital Art Frame: Imagine Monet on your wall one day and Picasso on you wall the next. With the Meural digital art frame it is possible! The Meural library has 40,000+ works of art or you can download your own. Who will love it: The art enthusiast, the classic art lover.


Google Home Mini: “Hey Google, what is the perfect gift for Christmas 2018?” Instantly get hands-free help in any room with the Google Home Mini. Ask questions, listen to music, control your Smart home, even play trivia! Who will love it: The question master, the inquisitive cook, the music lover, the information junkie.

$382BUY IT

Vifa Helsinki Hi-Resolution Bluetooth Speaker: It is no wonder that this Bluetooth speaker is an award winner with its sleek design and premium sound quality. This modern and portable speaker can connect to any Bluetooth device and is available in 4 colors. Who will love it: The music lover, the modern design enthusiast.

$798BUY IT

Sony Wireless Glass Speaker: Modern and portable, who wouldn’t want to find this beautiful speaker under their Christmas tree? This speaker not only features crystal clear sound, but it also boasts an adjustable LED light that can be controlled through any mobile device. Who will love it: The music lover, the glamper.

$186BUY IT

Moon Texture Glass Globe Pendant: Make it a full moon every night with a textured globe pendant or two. A fresh and unique way to finish off any room. Who will love it: the star gazer, the moon lover, the werewolf.

$695BUY IT

Carronade Pendant Lamps: Steal the spotlight this season by gifting a multi-directional, pendant lamp. A modern way to direct light to the places that need it most. Who will love it: The avid reader, the Scandinavian decor adopter.

$188BUY IT

Sculptural Bamboo Pendant Light: Twists and turns create quite the unique pendant light. The solution for a dining room or living room that needs a little extra flair. Who will love it: The beach house owner, the Asian-inspired decor adopter.


Bird Shaped Magnetic Bedside Table Lamp: Adopt a few birds this Christmas with a unique, bird table lamp. This motion controlled and magnetically charged lamp makes a fantastic night light. Who will love it: The bird watcher, the bird lover, the nature loving kid.


Heng Balance Lamp: If you’ve been looking for a unique table lamp, then you definitely need to checkout the Heng Balance Lamp. To turn on, simply pull up the bottom ball. How cool is that!? Available in 4 colors. Who will love it: The fun young adult, the unique decor lover.

$350BUY IT

FlowerPot VP4 Table Lamp: A designer table lamp that was inspired by peace, love, and the age of Flower Power. Who will love it: The late night writer, the luxury decor enthusiast.


Stick Figure Lamp: A quirky lamp with a lot of personality. This reconfigurable stick figure lamp is made of natural wood and is great to add a playful touch to any decor. Who will love it: the book lover, kids, teenagers.


Philips Hue Bloom Dimmable LED Smart Table Lamp: A lighting solution with endless possibilities. This affordable light features 16 million colors, a gaming light, a wake up light, voice control and so much more. It can even be programmed to change colors when your favorite team scores! Who will love it: The tech lover, the sports fan, the gamer.

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$196BUY IT

Nano Leaf Lighting Panels: Step your lighting game up a notch –or 100–with these highly unique, Nano Leaf Lighting Panels. The perfect blend of wall art and modern lighting, these panels are reconfigurable and voice operated. Who will love it: The tech lover, teenagers, young adults.

$167BUY IT

Modern Octagonal Decorative Mirror With Geometric Cage Frame: A geometric mirror infused with a whole lot of glamour. This bold mirror will make a statement in any room with its golden cage frame and edgy shape. Who will love it: The trendy home owner, the glam Mom.

$449BUY IT

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter: Compact, portable, and a whole lot of fun! Zoom in to this holiday season with a Xiaomi Mi electric scooter. Featuring a high-capacity battery, a double braking system, intuitive controls, and a sleek design, anyone with this scooter will be the envy of 2019. Who will love it: The eco-minded commuter, the adventurous kid. the light-hearted adult.

From $35BUY IT

Custom Engraved Rolling Pins: Give your cookies an extra edge this holiday season and all-year round with custom, engraved rolling pins. With music notes, Christmas trees, ghosts, footballs, wording, etc., there is something for everyone! Who will love it: The baker, the kitchen gadget lover.

$272BUY IT

Rocking Reindeer: This reindeer is taking a break from Santa’s sleigh to make your home extra stylish. The minimalist design of this rocking reindeer makes it a fit for anywhere in the house, not just hidden in the playroom. Who will love it: The Mom-to-be, the minimalist, kids

$190BUY IT

Ferm Living Funkis Dollhouse: This two story, Nordic-inspired house is uniquely wall-mountable. Far more stylish than your typical dollhouse! Who will love it: The doll enthusiast, the Scandinavian decor adopter, the minimalist.


Cute Cat Cave Beds: Cats sleep 12-16 hours a day, so why not give fluffy his own, private sleep cave? Handmade with 100% all-natural New Zealand wool, this eco-friendly cat cave will keep your cat cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Available in multiple designs. Who will love it: The feline with a passion for sleep, the cat with Batman aspirations.

$170BUY IT

Spaceship Like Cat Bed: If a monkey and dog can go to space, then why not a cat? Give your favorite feline his own little wall mounted, spaceship bed. A memorable piece of stylish cat furniture that he is sure to adore! Who will love it: The cat that dreams of being an astronaut, the regular house cat.


Whistle Pet GPS Tracker: You’ll never lose Fido again with this gadget on hand- or should we say collar. Thanks to advanced GPS and cellular technology, you will always be able to pinpoint your pet’s location Who will love this: The pet owner.

$240BUY IT

Lyfe Levitating Planters: Keep everyone guessing with a levitating planter. It is actually powered by magnets, but we won’t tell if you won’t. Who will love it: The urban gardener, the plant enthusiast, the magic lover.

$191BUY IT

Divan Watering Can: Add a little luxury to indoor gardening with this sculptural, brass watering can. A unique watering can that is both decorative and functional. Who will love it: The indoor gardener, the sunroom owner, the plant lover.


Outdoor Pouf Set: To help make a patio chic and functional, consider modern outdoor seating. This outdoor pouf set includes two seats and one storage table. Available in 3 colors. Who will love it: The home owner, the backyard party host.

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