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Easter table centerpiece ideas, egg-shaped candles

Eggshells make perfect candle molds for making beautiful holiday decorations and spring gifts. You can create candles in an egg shape in many colors or make traditional candles decorated with Easter images. Birds, Easter Bunnies, eggs, flowering branches, green leaves, and flowers are excellent spring decorating ideas for beautiful Easter candles.

Candles are smart, versatile and inexpensive gifts for your friends and family. Egg-shaped candles are decorative and colorful. They suit any tastes. Creative decorating ideas can elegantly accentuate the straightforward designs and add unique details to egg candles.

Easter candles adding scents and colors to light spring decorating

Handmade Easter candles, making beautiful table decorations and gifts

Decorative candles for Easter

Colorful egg-shaped candles in glass egg holders, Easter idea

Your imagination is the only limit to the colorful decorations that reflect fresh and bright spring themes. An egg shape makes the spring holiday statement allowing various decorating designs for customizing. You can add scents, unique patterns, and two or three colors to your homemade Easter candles to make these holiday decorations look vibrant and original. Consider egg shells as molds when you start thinking of making Easter candles.

Charming eggshell table centerpieces and ideas for spring decorating

Recycling glass bottles for candles centerpieces and table decorations

Candle molds come in many shapes. Eggs are perfect for Easter decorations and gifts. Also, carrots, rabbits, birds, flowers, and green leaves are fun ideas for Easter candles.

Colored eggs and Bunny centerpiece idea Painted egg and cock candle centerpiece for Easter table Colorful egg candles decorated with ribbons Egg-shaped candles and flower, table decorations for Easter Easter table centerpiece ideas, egg-shaped candles Spring flowers and candles Orthodox Easter ideas, traditional cake, painted candle Homemade Easter egg candles

How to make egg candles

Eggshell candles and bird in white

Making candles with eggshells

Eggshell candle Decorative candles for Easter

Using eggshells as molds

Using eggshells for making candles Adding dyes to decorative candles Egg candles in bright colors, Easter ideas

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  last updated: 20.02.2018

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