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From birth, the little man is completely entrusted to the caring hands of mom and dad. Every detail is important – which towel the baby will be wrapped in after bathing procedures, in which stroller it will breathe air during the walk and in which crib to sleep. The first weeks of his life he will be in the crib for 15 or even 18 hours a day, so it is very important that he was comfortable all this time. The better the baby feels, the happier this time will be for young parents. The assortment can knock down even trained buyers. Let’s try to figure out what are the cribs, and what is important to pay attention when choosing a particular model.

little baby in his crib

Classification of cribs

Depending on the design, there are four main types of cots.


As the name implies, the cradle is the type of cots, which implies the presence of a baby in it immediately after birth.

Most often, they are equipped with a motion sickness mechanism, a pendulum (longitudinal or transverse), or even a special place for the mother who can sit next to the child while he is sleeping. be moved with the child to another place.

cots made of natural wood for newborns

Advantages of the cradle:

1. Compact.

2. The newborn is very comfortable due to the small space that surrounds it.

3. Can be attached to the parent bed for the convenience of night feedings.

Disadvantages of the cradle:

1. You can use only the first six months of the baby’s life (then he will no longer fit in it).

2. You need to be careful with the options on the wheels after the child learns to roll over, because he can tip over in an unstable design.


A classic cot is almost the same as an adult bed. The only difference is the presence of special protective bumpers.

The main purpose is to sleep a baby from birth to three or four years.

These beds are often equipped with additional drawers in the bedside space, various protective pads for the teeth of babies on the sides and other accessories that are designed to facilitate the care of parents for the baby and complement its safety.

Advantages of the classical model

1. Long service life.

2. Most often it is made of natural wood.

3. The presence of a variety of additional functions (runners, pendulum, wheels, adjusting the height of the mattress, lowering the sides).

The disadvantages of the classical model

1. In most cases, these cots are stationary.

2. Dimensions. The length of the classic model can be up to 120 cm by internal parameters, so it may be difficult for it to find a suitable place in a cramped apartment.

white cot on the background of the blue wall


Transformer cribs are furniture that, in addition to a bed, combines another item. Most often, it is a dresser or changing table. Less often – an additional play space for a child or a table.

Some models can move apart in length and width and turn into a teenage bed, staying with a child up to 13-15 years old. Usually, children’s beds serve up to 6-7 years.

There is no consensus in the ranks of young mothers about transforming cribs. Someone thinks that the dresser should be separate from the crib. After all, when the child turns seven – the bed will have to be changed, and the chest to buy again. And someone, on the contrary, is sure that a chest of drawers or a changing table with a cot is very convenient. So the decision is yours.

Advantages of the transformer bed

1. Additional features.

2. An interesting aesthetic solution.

3. Extension of service life due to the capabilities of the furniture.

Disadvantages of the transformer bed

1. When a child grows out of the crib – you will have to buy not only a new bed, but also additional furniture (a dresser, a closet) that was previously included.

2. Option bed + changing table will lose relevance after six months or a year.

Bunk bed

An interesting and popular option for families with two children is a bunk bed. Modern beds of this type can be very different and perform the functions of not only a sleeping, but also a study or entertainment place.

stylish bunk bed

But even in those families where there is only one child, this type is very popular, since there can be space for games, a wardrobe, a desk and other space variations on a tier without a sleeping place.

Advantages of a two-tier model

1. Compactness.

2. Interesting design.

3. Multifunctional.

children's bunk bed with a workplace

Disadvantages of a two-tier model

1. Insufficiently high bumps can cause an accident.

2. Not suitable for a very small child, designed for ages from three years.

Basic requirements for the crib

The more natural materials your baby will surround from birth, the lower the risk of the occurrence and development of various allergic reactions. Therefore, you should pay attention to the cribs made of natural wood (alder, veres, oak and others).

Often, manufacturers offer models of metal, plastic or MDF (medium density fiberboard). In this case, it is worth asking about the safety certificates of the bed.

multi-colored children's bunk bed

On how firmly the crib will stand on its feet, depends on the safety of the child. Therefore, it is very important that the models with wheels have reliable stoppers that do not allow the crib to swing and ride without adults.

The sides should be removable, since the baby will be trying to get out of the crib in two or three years already. To avoid injury – it is better to prefer a model with removable slats. Thus, you leave the protection from falling in a dream, but give him the opportunity to leave his “fortress”.

The distance between the slats should be about 6-8 cm, so that the child could not accidentally get a foot or hand between them. But not wider to avoid falling into this space of the head of the child.

iron cot in white

It is better if the bottom of the crib is not solid, but from orthopedic lamellae. In combination with the correct mattress, it will be useful for the formation of the spine of the child. And also will allow to be ventilated.

A high-quality baby cot is very important. After all, it is there that the child will see his first sweet dreams. It remains only to choose a suitable model and enjoy the peaceful breathing of your baby.

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