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Maybe you’re an avid reader or maybe you just like to curl up with a good book every once in a while, either way putting together a cozy reading nook in your home sounds like a good idea but like everything else it’s easier said than done. So what are the elements to look out for when setting up a reading nook? Well there are a lot of details to consider so we’ll try to organize everything as best as possible while keeping it all succinct.

Start by deciding where you want your new reading nook to be placed. You have several options to choose from. The living room is one of them. You could pick a section of the room that could potentially feel a bit secluded, like a corner. You could also choose the bedroom which is already a cozy space so that’s an advantage.

Once you’ve chosen the spot for your new reading nook, try to picture the ideal theme or design for it. You can then use that as inspiration in your actual setup. For example, you might enjoy surrounding yourself with plants so it feels like you’re reading in a garden, under the canopy of a tree.

The lighting is always important but plays a special role in the reading nook which is why you should ideally pick a spot close to a window if possible. In any case, you should also have sufficient artificial light as well so a floor lamp seems like a great choice.

A hanging pendant lamp can be very efficient as well. It would also be practical since it takes up zero floor space, leaving more room for furniture. However, you have to make preparations in advance for this. Lamps are more versatile and you can easily reposition them whenever you want.

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Now let’s talk about the furniture. Obviously, you want to be comfortable when you’re reading so don’t overlook the chair. Pick one that’s comfortable and that has the right style, shape and size for you. Adjustable features would be a nice option.

Speaking of reading nook chairs, you should also consider adding a footstool so you can truly relax. There are plenty of matching combos out there so look for the ones that best suit your needs, style and budget.

Check out this chair and ottoman combo, isn’t it super cozy and stylish? They’re a matching set and they complement each other beautifully. We really like the pop of color which the ottoman adds to the reading nook.

Speaking of color, you might want to consider a chair that’s not your usual black, gray or brown color just to make your reading nook look exciting and less boring. The chair will also serve as a nice focal point for the living room or the space it’s a part of.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a neutral-colored reading nook either. Apart from color, another important element in this whole setup is texture and this has a lot to do with the type of materials you choose for the space. Soft fabrics are definitely a nice option.

In addition to that comfortable chair you might also want to put a small table in your reading nook just so you have a surface on which to keep your book, maybe also a cup of tea, a small lamp and other things.

A soft and plushy area rug would complete your reading nook in a pretty and cozy way. It can make the space feel more comfortable plus it can also help to visually delineate it from the rest of the floor plan.

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A complete reading nook setup might include the basics, a comfortable chair or lounger, a side table, an ottoman and a floor lamp but also a few other things like perhaps a bookshelf  or even a space divider as well.

To truly create that cozy reading nook vibe you should also add a few accent details like some comfy pillows, a blanket, some mood candles or some themed wallpaper like this one. The idea is to give this little space character and to create a cozy ambiance using whatever design strategy you prefer.

Since a reading nook is usually a small space, often in the corner of a larger room, multifunctional furniture is a very practical option. There are plenty of combos to consider such as benches with storage underneath, tables with bookshelves or even special reading chairs with built-in storage.

Nature can be a huge inspiration when it comes to interior decor in general and a reading nook is no exception. Check out this magnificent tree for instance. It’s a cool decoration but it also serves as practical purpose. You can hang light fixtures from it or use it as a sort of storage rack.

Now that we’ve reached the end of our article, take some time to choose your favorite ideas from the list and to put them together in a perfect design so you can create the reading nook of your dreams. Also, feel free to improvise and to come up with your own ideas and solutions.

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