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Last summer a trend emerged as a lot of people started using galvanized stock tanks as pools and hot tubs for their back yards. While there were some strong points being made about how practical or safe these things are, the idea of repurposing these tanks into something cool for the backyard area or for the inside of the house was actually a great one that stuck so here we are now with a bunch of cool ideas for how you too can turn a galvanized stock tank into a cool new feature with minimal effort.

The first thing that comes to mind is obviously the idea of using these metal containers as outdoor planters. There are various different shapes and sizes to choose from so pick a type based on how large or small your garden or yard is and as well as on its layout and design.

Take two or three of these galvanized stock tanks that have rounded edges and oval shapes and display them on the porch or along your house. They’re very practical because they’re durable and resilient and they also look nice, inside and out.

You can actually have a bunch of these steel tank planters lined up in your backyard or garden and all your greenery can be contained in these tanks. It’s a great option if you don’t actually have a green lawn or if you simply want to be able to rearrange and redesign your outdoor spaces quite often.

Or how about repurposing a circular steel tank into a coffee table for your living room or even for the patio? You can turn it upside down, install casters or wheels on its rim and then top it with a piece of wood, marble or some other material that you think is suited for this.

Another cool and interesting possibility is to use a galvanized tank as a sink for the bathroom. Such a feature would give the room a rustic-industrial look and the idea is actually quite easy to implement. Consider this option if you’re planning a remodel for a rustic cabin for instance.

Let’s get back outdoors because that’s where these tanks are most useful and versatile. Let’s see what else you can turn them into, besides planters. Well, you could make a steel tank water feature for your garden. It would be pretty simple and also very affordable.

There’s another funky and also ingenious idea that you might like to try this summer: a galvanized steel sheet used as an enclosure for an exterior shower. You’d have to find a pretty huge tank for that but you can also a culvert pipe if you can find out huge enough.

Of course, let’s not forget about the thing that started this whole trend: the stock tank pool. If you want you can even make a hot tub in a similar manner. Sure, there are some details to consider first but any possible disadvantage is greatly surpassed by the fact that this is a super cheap project so even if you’re only using the pool for a month or two this summer and then throw it away, it’s still worth it.

Speaking of stock tank tubs, what if you were to have one of these things placed inside your bathroom? You’d need to find the right type of tank first and then a few modifications are in place. You can leave the tank as it is or you can paint it to give it a nice, shiny white finish or a black exterior. You can find out more about this trend from purewow.

There’s also this other awesome idea that we found on thebikegarden which suggests using a galvanized tank as a rain barrel. It’s a great idea because you can collect rainwater and then use it for irrigation. Also, you can connect several if you think one isn’t enough.

Believe it or not, you can also make good use of a galvanized steel tank at a wedding or a party. Take the tank outside and fill it with ice and use it as a cooler for drinks and other things. You can decorate it or you can leave as it is and highlights its ruggedness in a cool way.

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