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Isn’t it fun when you hop on a design trend and the trend sticks around? Open shelving is one of those trends. It’s been around long enough to make its way into almost every kitchen in some capacity. Time has shown us that there are real open shelving lovers that eschew all cabinetry in favor of kitchenware display. There are also real open shelving haters that wouldn’t jump on that bandwagon for anything. But wherever you fall, if you have open shelving in your kitchen, this post is for you. There are many different ways to style open shelving that will blend with the style of your home and living. Here are 20 styles that you can incorporate into your kitchen’s open shelving.

Whether you’re styling throw pillows on your couch, your mantel decor or your holiday table settings, you always think about your color palette first thing. It’s no different when it comes to open shelving. Whatever you are storing on them is out for all eyes to see so it will help your kitchen if the colors blend well. A collection of white dishes will never go amiss.

Neutral palettes are a great place to start with open shelving in the kitchen. White dishes, wooden cutting boards and creamy or clear canisters provide a lovely palette that is easy to switch around for special occasions or when you get bored. Start here and you won’t regret it.

Modern kitchens look good in white but all white and clear can be a little boring. Treat yourself to some eye candy in the form of a set of brightly colored bowls or display your big red soup pot. Just a smidge of color will help your open shelving feel friendly instead of stark.

Looking to achieve color and calm at the same time? Go for the dual tone look. This works especially well with pastels. When your shelving is full of white and pale blue, it eases the eye more than collected dishes will but your shelves won’t look stark and modern in your farmhouse kitchen.

It’s inevitable that you will have some mixed metals among your kitchen gadgets. Consider bringing them out for display instead of hiding them away. Copper, brass and stainless steel can be a lovely sparkly combination when you boldly put them together.

If mixing metals hurts your eyes, there is nothing wrong with choosing one. Accents of gold can bring the bling to your kitchen shelving. Copper feels old and storied while stainless steel is modern and clean. Decide what kind of feel you’re going for first and style your metal from there.

When you’re styling out your bookshelf or your couch, you think about both color and texture to bring depth to your space. Open shelving can work that way too. By adding a basket, a marble serving platter and a wooden bowl, you bring together different textures instead of one flat ceramic look.

When in doubt, add plants. This is basically universal decorating rule for all surfaces so obviously open shelving is included. They are the perfect opportunity for something viney and trailing that will bring dimension to all of the shelves instead of just the one the pot sits on.

Want to know another open shelving trick to win? Art. Place your favorite piece of art on an open shelf to give you something pleasant to look at while you put away dishes. It will also make those open shelves impossibly chic and Instagram ready.

Working on open shelving in your farmhouse kitchen? Time to go antiquing. Old pieces with pattern and age will do more for your open shelves than any new platter from Target ever will. Look for things that are useful so you aren’t filling your shelves with clutter.

Open shelving isn’t only for dishes and glassware. Give yours something unique that’s just you. Fill empty spots with candlesticks or cookbooks or wooden bowls. Decorate as much as you store for a well rounded set of open shelves.{found on amberinteriordesign}.

One super simple way to take your open shelves from modern masterpiece to family friendly is to add pattern. Colored glasses with designs will be a fun addition to your shelves. Maybe some patterned bowls for ice cream. Opt for something that will make you and the kids smile, on and off the shelves.

One of the best things about eclectic decorating is the permission to skip the rules and do what feels good to you. Fill your shelves with your favorite dishes, DIY storage and that candlestick you bought in Iceland. If you want to display the orange bowl from your grandmother, go for it! Make your open shelves a place of joy in your kitchen.

Whether you’re designing modern shelving or putting together an eclectic beauty, you always want to vary the height of what you have on display. Rows of dishes, all the same height is okay for storage but interest requires making the eye move up and down over your collection.

Don’t forget to change up your open shelving seasonally! Add some evergreen boughs for Christmastime. Display a pumpkin in the Fall. Bring out your lemonade pitcher in Summer. Switch out vases of flowers in Spring. Make your shelving reflect the seasonal decor in the rest of your home.

Sometimes open shelving really is purely for storage, due to the size of the kitchen. In that case, don’t fret. Embrace it. Line up all your drinkware on your open shelves for easy access while cocktail making or hot chocolate sipping. Clear glassware will keep things from seeming too cluttered even if you’ve filled all the space on your shelves.

Need a spot to store snacks and baking supplies? Line your open shelves with big glass jars. Farmhouse kitchens in particular will benefit from this kind of storage, filling empty wall space in the kitchen in a practical yet beautiful way.

Open shelving isn’t just a surface for storage. Use hooks underneath to double your space! Hang your mugs or cooking utensils or small pots and pans. It’s the perfect solution for small kitchens.

Many times, it’s strange for open shelving to span just one wall. Don’t be afraid to turn the corner. Unlike cabinetry, where things that get pushed into dark corners are never seen again, corners in open shelving just provide a spot for maybe a bigger pot or pitcher.

Open shelving sconce lighting

Whether your kitchen is modern or rustic, or cluttered or clean, with one shelf or all shelving, consider adding sconces as a final touch. They’ll help you light up the darkest corners of your kitchen and highlight your beautiful open shelf styling against your kitchen cabinets.

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