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Reclaimed wood is pretty easy to come by plus you can get it for very cheap or even for free and that makes any DIY project involving this material that much more inspiring and awesome. For today we’ve selected a bunch of reclaimed wood floating shelves that we like. They’re the type of accessories which can be easily built from scratch given the right supplies but, of course, there are plenty of cool and stylish models that you can buy, ready-made and ready to look gorgeous in your home or office. Pick your favorites and decide how you want to proceed.

This pair of reclaimed wood floating shelves seems like a perfect alternative to the more robust entertainment center that every living room usually has. They’re lightweight and they beautifully wrap around the corners ensuring a linear and continuous decor. Check out houseoftuquoise to see what you can pair them with.

A beautiful thing about reclaimed wood shelves is that they have a lot of character and can look interesting even if you leave them empty without storing or displaying anything on them. That’s not the case for these shelves featured on ohjoy which seem to be great for organizing collections and decorations on.

Floating shelves are incredibly versatile and they’re super useful in the kitchen. Shelves made out of reclaimed wood or with a live-edge design have a lot of potential as they can be both functional and eye-catching at the same time, as shown on thekitchn.

First of all we should mention that you can buy these shelves on Etsy. They’re made of reclaimed wood which comes from a non-profit organization that specialized in deconstructing old buildings. Chances are that the wood used to make some of these shelves is more than 100 years old so how would you like to add some history to your home decor?

Floating shelves can also be super useful in the dining room or in pantries so if you’ve already decided you want to add some to your home why not choose reclaimed wood? It gives the shelves lots of character plus it has a unique patina. You can make the shelves yourself and there’s a great tutorial on thewoodgraincottage which can help you with that.

Small floating shelves can also be considered wall decorations. Look around and see which one of the walls in your home accommodate a few of these things. You could craft shallow shelves out of reclaimed wood and you could use them to display framed pictures, small collectibles and various other things. Check out shanty-2-chic if you need additional details regarding this idea.

Don’t you love how sturdy and chic these reclaimed wood floating shelves look? They were made from scratch and they seem perfect for the dining room. You could make your own cool shelves following the instructions offered on shanty-2-chic. If you think it’s easier, you could use any type of boards and just give them a distressed look at the end.

When you think about it, floating shelves are so versatility that there’s absolutely no area of a home where they couldn’t be useful in one way or another. In the bathroom, for example, you could hang a floating shelf under the mirror so you can keep things on it such as the toothpaste or the toothbrush. Of course, you can leave it empty and just let it complement the space with its beauty.

It can be fun to play with different types of reclaimed wood shelves of different lengths and thicknesses. You could use this living room decor featured on Hollyholbrook as an inspiring example.

The design, finish or color of a shelf can be just as important as the items it’s holding. That’s one of the reasons why we like reclaimed wood shelves so much. Each one is unique and has a special story to tell plus we love that weathered look that the wood gets over time. See how beautiful a set of reclaimed wood floating shelves can look in the dining room in the project featured on thewoodgraincottage.

Don’t think of knots and visible grain as imperfections. These are the details that make each piece of wood special and unique. If you’re crafting the shelves yourself, try to preserve as much of the material’s natural beauty as possible.

Shallow floating shelves like these ones are great for displaying pictures and small items on. They can even hold books and they take up little space but have a big impact on the decor and the ambiance of the room they’re in.

It can be interesting to emphasize the beauty of reclaimed wood shelves by adding other vintage or nature-inspired elements in its vicinity, like a firewood storage niche or some simple pine cones.

Kitchens can sometimes look quite sterile, especially if there’s a lot of stainless steel and cool and neutral colors involved in the interior design. You can add a bit of warmth to the space with a few reclaimed wood floating shelves. They’ll be functional and practical in addition to looking cozy so it’s a win-win.

Obviously, the context matters just as much as the actual shelf so think of the big picture and how both the shelf and the items it holds impact the decor and the ambiance of a space in relation to the existing elements.

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