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We’re going to have to find something new to do next spring!

Traditionally, come April, we Brits would don rubber gloves, arm ourselves with dusters, sponges, soapy water or something stronger, and get scrubbing. But are we calling time on the big spring clean? A new survey suggests so.

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The poll reveals that 85 per cent of Brits believe the tradition is ‘on the way out’. Currently, only 50 per cent of those asked conduct a yearly deep clean, while one in six never bother, the mucky pups!

Another 37 per cent might spring clean every few years – a task that would commonly involve jobs like cleaning underneath and behind furniture, washing windows (and curtains), decluttering cupboards and cleaning appliances.

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That said, we do really care about how our homes look, with 51 per cent admit they worry about the cleanliness of their property.

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So how does such a house-proud nation intend to keep things spick and span? Well, you might be one of 35 per cent of the population that’s hiring a cleaner, with people in London most likely to pay for cleaning help. Although two thirds of the who do hire a cleaner tidy up before they arrive!


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Last year, another cleaning survey by Web-Blinds uncovered the chores we hate to do the most. Oven cleaning was named the ‘winner’, avoided by 71 per cent of those asked, quickly followed by washing windows, dusting high shelves, mopping and cleaning skirting boards.

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Perhaps this explains why the big spring clean is dying out? By taking on these tasks little and often, they become far less of a job to dread in the long run.



Will you be ditching your big spring clean next year?

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