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The June outdoor lighting collection was created by Emiliana Design Studio for Vibia as a way to illuminate all your summertime gatherings. The collection pays homage to traditional Chinese lanterns but with a modern twist as their moon-like shapes that put off a warm glow.

Decked out with LED lighting, the June collection comes in several variations that allow you to suspend them from trees, attach them to exterior walls, hang them from a post, or sit them on a table.

There are hanging pendant versions that come with 3 or 5 lights with either moon-like discs for indirect light or globes for more general lighting.

The simple table lamps come as either a single light with a retractable cable for charging or with three lights that charge on a tray. Both versions are dimmable and last between six and 18 hours on a single charge, depending on the brightness.

The outdoor floor lamps almost feel like modern tiki torches and are perfect for paths and walkways, or in a large open space.

And lastly there’s a portable version that can hang from a wall or be suspended in a tree when not being carried around.

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