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KC Design Studio is behind the design of this moody, black apartment in Taipei, Taiwan. Apartment L was designed for a single person who desired a more fluid layout and a darker color palette of grey, black, and wood tones. Despite the dark color scheme, the apartment still feels open and filled with natural light.

The open floor plan benefits the homeowner who enjoys entertaining, so the kitchen features an island with an attached dining table for both casual and sit-down meals. The setup allows for increased interaction with guests while continuing food and drink preparations.

Most of the walls were have a concrete texture finish while the rest of the surfaces were given a special black painted treatment. The wall behind the main kitchen counter was clad in wood helping to balance the space to prevent it from being too cold.

Open black and wood shelves provide much needed storage throughout without closing the interior off or making the spaces feel too heavy with bulky furniture.

Regular walls were removed or downsized to keep the space feeling open and filled with natural light.

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