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In the old days, wealthy owners of guests took in the dining room, and the kitchen was the usual workplace for servants. But today, for any person, regardless of wealth, the kitchen is the heart of the family. And there are plenty of opportunities to equip it with convenience and chic. A few simple tips will help make kitchen design comfortable, original and stylish.


What is the difference between a stylish kitchen and a tasteless one? The first is the presence of harmony in the interior design. At the same time, you can choose any style similar in spirit – classic or minimalism, modern or retro, country or high-tech.

But to create a stylish interior is not enough just to get a kitchen set – this is just one detail that does not yet create a general look. To complete the image, it is important to harmoniously select furniture and textiles, decorate the walls, choose decorative items. At the same time take into account the main features of each of the styles.

Classic is simplicity and restraint, symmetry and conciseness in design, with preference given to natural and expensive materials.

Popular today is the modern style that reflects the active rhythm of modern life. Practicality and asymmetry are combined in it, the inherent beauty and variety of forms are inherent, and plastic, glass, metal dominate from materials.

Minimalism and ultra-modern hi-tech congenial. The main thing in them is restraint and moderation in everything, the absence of ornate patterns. Minimalism is deliberately simple lines and shapes, the use of plastic, glass, MDF, metal.

A high-tech style is inherent in the abundance of metal and glass, to the functionality and convenience, hence the variety of accessories and high-tech parts.

Country style refers to the ethno-direction. It displays the warmth, tranquility and comfort of a country house. The decoration uses natural materials, especially wood, warm shades of colors. Furniture is characterized by simple chopped forms.

Retro is romance and nostalgia, it uses distinctive elements from different eras. But the stylization of the past still hides the modern stuffing and technology.


The choice of color is especially important because the color scheme primarily affects the perception of the entire interior. Kitchen sets can be made in different colors. And in order to achieve harmony of colors, designers advise:

– In the design of the interior is not worth it to combine too many colors, so as not to lose the main idea. Three is enough maximum.

– In the case of using multiple colors, one should dominate.

– If the color of the walls and kitchen furniture to choose the same, then the headset is better to choose a shade darker.

– Bright and rich colors of the kitchen set will look more harmonious with the calm color of the walls and vice versa. That is, it is better to do one thing saturated so that the space does not become “oppressive.”

– When using furniture of light shades, you can add colors to the design with the help of bright details.

– Light color adds space, and dark color reduces it. Therefore, in a small kitchen, it is advisable to have bright pastel colors, and rich accents and calm dark colors will make the big kitchen more comfortable.


Another important element that makes the image of the kitchen complete and adds to the comfort room is additional accessories. These are curtains on the windows, tablecloths on the table, dishes, interior details. They must match the style and overall color scheme, while on such details often make bright accents.

The classic interior is characterized by rigor and moderation, even in the details. They should not be too much, and everything is harmoniously matched.

This kitchen will be decorated with pastel shades of porcelain and delicate crystal, beautifully placed behind the glass doors of the cabinets. Particular attention is paid to textiles – embroidered tablecloths, napkins with lace, curtains dilute the severity of the lines.

The main thing in country style is to create warmth and comfort. To do this, they actively use “warm” accessories – dishes from clay, porcelain with paintings and geometric patterns, glass containers for seasoning, wooden boxes, wicker coasters, cozy tablecloths and curtains with a checkered pattern or embroidery.

Modern minimalism and hi-tech are rather austere in terms of decor, using it only in the form of additional color accents. Porcelain and lace are inappropriate here, but plastic and glass products and chrome parts are welcome. Rolettes on the windows and coasters made of cloth on a glass table are all possible textiles. All design speaks of modernity and brevity.