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Italian furniture brand LaCividina debuted two new collections of upholstered seating at Milan Design Week 2018 designed by German designer Sebastian Herkner and French designer Constance Guisset.

Soave marks Sebastian Herkner’s second collection with LaCividina and it includes a series of armchairs and sofas in various sizes but only one depth. Each piece’s depth is limited giving them more of a sculptural appearance. The curvy upholstered elements are elliptical in shape and paired with narrow metal legs that give a sense of lightness.

Constance Guisset’s Waves is a series of poufs that reference natural landscapes, like ocean waves and smooth rocks in bold colors. The poufs are modular and can be used individually or in groups to create a custom configuration. Each pouf is outfitted with a magnet that allows them to be connected together.

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