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After collaborating on lighting elements for holiday displays at Hermès in Switzerland, Lambert & Fils and Swiss designer Adrien Rovero decided to continue the relationship into 2019. The Montreal-based design studio invited Rovero to dream up a lighting installation that was inspired by boy scouts and childhood imaginations. He came up with a flashlight-like lamp concept that evokes playful childhood memories of simple ideas where a piece of string or a wood block could become a number of different creations. Those homemade inventions might have been a bit basic but they showcased the beauty of scaling things back to their true essence.

Lambert & Fils recently founded a new gallery, Corridor, that opened with Rovero’s lighting installation, which they called ‘Feu de camp.’ The lighting elements branch off from a center space as if to form a campfire, where warm peaceful feelings are conjured up from watching the light being emitted from the center “fire.”

Photos by Arseni Khamzin, courtesy of v2com.

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