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Giving nod to Gabrielle Chanel, aka Coco, Larose Guyon designed a lighting fixture that resembles a strand of pearls. The iconic fashion maven could often be found wearing pearls, whether in the form of a necklace or sewn into her evening gowns. That bit of grandeur inspired them to create the Coco luminaire with 10 hand-blown glass globes that evoke the feeling of those classic jewels.

The Coco fixture comprises flexible connectors between globes, as well as counterweights, hooks, ceiling fasteners, and accessory rings to allow for a variety of lighting configurations.

Coco by Larose Guyon is a metaphorical embodiment of the spirit of 19th Century Paris. Like Gabrielle Chanel, our ‘Coco’ evokes grandeur through its lightness, finesse and beauty.

-Audrée L. Larose, co-founder of Larose Guyon

Photos by Larose Guyon, courtesy of v2com.

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