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Back in 2012, Nina Tolstrup of Studiomama created a collection of furniture from discarded chairs found on the streets. After lots of work, the freshly born chairs helped take trash off the streets and gave new life to something overlooked. Fast forward to 2017 when Cornish-based furniture brand MARK Product came onboard as a manufacturing partner for a round of dining chairs for a London hotel. They loved the initial series and the dining chairs so they asked Studiomama to expand the range and now they have an entire furniture collection called Loops.

Loops gets its name from both the signature “loops” in each design and the nature of the story behind it – the cycle of new chair to old chair to trash to its new, reimagined chair. The range features lounge furniture –  sofas, chairs, armchairs, and coffee tables – along with dining furniture – benches, stools, and tables – all of which work in contemporary hospitality, commercial, or contract settings.

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